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Compose an argumentative essay that applies UNCC300 through the following: How would you collaborate with a local community organisation in response to a structural problem in...

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Compose an
argumentative essay
UNCC300 through the following:

How would you collaborate with a
local community organisation
in response to a
structural problem

in your
future professional sector
? Why is your chosen
structural problem

more important than one other possible problem, and what will make your chosen response more effective than one other possible response?

Requirements include:

1. primarily, providing an argument concerning the practical usefulness (or not) of UNCC300

2. secondarily, providing arguments for justifying your chosen (a) structural problem and (b) response

3. explaining one CST principle in relation to what makes the chosen problem so important (NB: LO1) [you can choose any one CST principle from the nine CST principles listed on the ACU Core Curriculum CST principles document]

4. analysing one SDG "target" in relation to what makes the chosen approach effective (NB: LO2) [unlike AT2, you can choose any one SDG "target" that sit under any of the "goals"]

5. naming your
course of study
future professional sector
, chosen
structural problem
, and chosen
community organisation
above or at the beginning of your essay

6. citing (through the text and in the reference list)

  • a range of
    at least

    academic and/or official resources from the unit’s learning materials or similar journals, websites, etc., including course- and professional sector-specific literature directly relevant to your piece, e.g., including clearly identified quotations, paragraphs, sections, and chapters from the key readings in Modules 3, 4, and 5.

Further instructions:

  1. Generative-artificial intelligence applications (e.g., ChatGPT), paraphrasing and translation tools are not permitted to be used to prepare this assessment task.

  2. Please refer to ‘Key glossary for this unit’ for definitions of key terms.

  3. Students may exceed the prescribed word limit on assessments by 10% +/- without penalty. Word limits do
    include the student information (i.e., student name, student number, etc.), the reference list/bibliography, or any in-text referencing citations/footnoting.

Due date (Stream 1)
: 25 May 2024, 11:00 pm AEST


Length and/or format
: 1,800 words

: Students apply their understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals in a local community, by drawing on the skills and knowledge from their course of study.

Learning outcomes assessed
: LO1, LO2, LO3

How to submit
: This assessment task must be submitted electronically via Speedgrader on Canvas

Return of assignment
: This assessment task will be graded electronically, and your numerical mark and feedback (Speedgrader) will be provided on Canvas. An announcement will be posted on Canvas when your numerical mark and feedback is available.

Answered 1 days After May 24, 2024


P answered on May 26 2024
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Essay on addressing Nursing Personnel Shortages through collaboration with Kings Cross Community Centre.
Nursing Personnel shortages is one of the most significant structural challenge in the healthcare sector. Besides the nursing shortages this issue is further increasing because of increasing aging population, impact of pandemics like COVID-19 and increased personalized healthcare services. As per World Health Organisation (WHO) reports these shortages of nurses and midwives is estimated as 9 million by the end of 2030 across the globe (WHO, 2020). Hence, there is a need to address these issues to improve the patient’s well-being as well as for healthcare system sustainability.
These shortages can be addressed by collaboration with the local community centers. Of the various community centers, the local community centre Kings Cross Community centre has the history of developing the innovative solutions for effective community management by providing the necessary support in terms of recruitment, training and nursing staff retention by providing the necessary resources. This essay addresses the practical usefulness of UNCC300 unit to address the structural problems. A
ief discussion about nursing shortages, importance of community collaborations and link to Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target will be discussed.
The Practical Usefulness of UNCC300
This unit UNCC300, will help the nursing students in developing the skills on effective ethical and community engagement, because they may face various structural problems in their future professional fields. Besides, learning these skills, the students will apply these principles practically in the real-world which fosters their responsibility towards the community. Hence, it is clear that effective collaborations with the various local communities not only leverage community resources but also helps to understand the importance of shared responsibilities but also improve the workforce retentions in providing the ling-term healthcare improvements (Johnson et al., 2018; Gilmartin et al., 2017).
Nursing shortages is one of the most crucial and important structural problem in the healthcare industry besides usage of outdated medical equipment because trained staff is the basic fundamental in providing the effective healthcare facilities. These shortages have direct impacts on the healthcare quality which is clearer in case of Vulnerable populations. The Kings Cross Community Centre collaboration can provide a community-based solution by upholding the dignity and overall well-being of the individuals (Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, 2004). Besides this approach aligns with the SDG Target 3.c. As per United Nations, 2015 providing necessary training and nursing retention will help in addressing the immediate shortages and lays a foundation for sustainable healthcare goals (United Nations, 2015). Gilmartin (2017) has addressed a holistic approach of increasing salaries will help in retaining the healthcare staff (Gilmartin et al., 2017).
Justifying the Chosen Structural Problem
In whole, Nursing personnel shortages have direct implications on patient care, staff well-being, and the healthcare system. Various research studies have reported that the nursing shortages will lead to increased patient mortality rates, infections and medication e
ors leading to poor health outcomes and increased healthcare burden across the world. This not only have direct impacts on patient safety but also raises nurses stress levels. It is a clearly visible that nursing shortages have high risk of increased healthcare burden accounting for higher operational costs and lost billions of dollars because of medical e
ors. Hence, it is very important to provide a solution for the nursing shortages because well-trained staff is crucial in delivering quality healthcare services. Even though advanced equipment is necessary, the works of the human elements such as empathy and clinical judgement is i
eplaceable in the healthcare sector. Hence, addressing the issue of the nursing shortages is very important in providing...

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