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Write a paper --based on the assigned materials-- in which you address the following: 1. Should we panic or should we not when weregard thefact that there will be at least 3 billionmore humanson this...

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Write a paper --based on the assigned materials-- in which you address the following:

1. Should we panic or should we not when weregard thefact that there will be at least 3 billionmore humanson this planetin2050? Why?

2. How do population and energy relate?

3. What did you learn about food being an issue currently and in the future?

4. What did you learn about issues relating to water use and healthy and accessible drinking water?

5. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of the common energy sources currently used to generate electricity. (Coal; Natural Gas; Hydroelectric; Nuclear; Solar; Wind)

The expectation is that you use the resources provided in the course materials and demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of that source material.Write in narrative prose (not as specific answers in form of a numerical or bullett-point list).

5 - 8 pages, 1.5 spaced, 11 or 12point fontsize.

As long as youdiscuss material that was assigned, which is the expectation, a simple reference in the text will do. For example, The human population is expected to reach about 11 billion by 2050 (Rosling, Don't Panic).
You are not expected to use additional resources , but in case you decide to use anything beyond the assigned material, it needs a proper citation inAPA style1at the end of the submission, and a reference indexin the text where it is used.

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Taruna answered on Jul 25 2021
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The Concept of 3 Billion Growths in Population
    The experts believe that by 2050, the population of humans on the planet will grow by 3 more billions added to the cu
ent one. This is a serious issue because the consumption ratio of available natural resources as well as energy sources is decreasing at a very high rate. Natural and energy resources both are endangered in the modern context. In developing nations like India and China, the density of population is putting that extra burden over the government in cities to supply energy and other things of daily needs. If the situation continues to grow in the same way—if it is not restricted—the chances are that the natural resources will come to an end. The food availability for such a large population will be hard to manage for all governments in the world. A blind race for food and energy will initiate and the fact cannot be denied that the violence, anarchy and questions of survival will stand at large before people (Foley, 2011).
    In the light of the above facts and concerns, an addition of 3 billion populations to the existing one will simply lead to disaster and people definitely need to think over the ways of controlling the population especially in the context of developing regions of the world. The attempts should be made to educate people about how to control population by using various forms of contraceptives. Otherwise the picture of the world by 2050 will be calamitous and it will be out of human control (Foley, 2011).
Relationship of Energy and Population
    If seen precisely, the relationship of energy and population in the world is thoroughly imbalanced; as per the distribution of the population, the availability of energy resources to supplicate their needs is seems to be insufficient. For example, there are 300 million people in United States; however, they consume around 20% of overall energy production of the world. It is done in a time where the population of the world is plus 7 billion. It implies the fact that not always, balanced approach is taken in terms of distributing the energy, as per the living of the population in a particular region. Energy has become one of the primary needs of people and it should be given to all of them in equal way. But the same does not happen and it can be understood by the following example:
    Most of the villages in India, the second largest democracy in the world, still lack the energy supply which keeps their basic needs compromised. The distribution of energy and supplication of its resources is simply...

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