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Research Question - What was the difference in mortality rate of population in New York and California during Covid 2020?

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Research Question - What was the difference in mortality rate of population in New York
and California during Covid 2020?
Introduction- Give background information and State the question and hypothesis.
-Method- Describe the process understanding of why your doing things
-Results- Create 3 graphs showing the life group of Ny and then life group of california
and then a combined graph showing the survivorship of both with proper labels.
-Discussion - Make connections
Answered 1 days After Dec 10, 2023


Bidusha answered on Dec 12 2023
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Title: The Difference In Mortality Rate Of Population In New York And California During Covid 2020
Introduction    3
Difference between mortality rate    3
Conclusion    6
References    7
As the coronavirus spread in the US, California, as opposed to New York, had all the earmarks of being a more probable area for the pandemic to top. California, the most populated state in the nation, was among quick to report examples. California detailed the primary associated case with local area transmission in the US on Fe
uary 26; the state announced its most memorable casualty on Walk 4. New York was a day behind, detailing its most memorable case of local area transmission on Walk 3 and its most memorable casualty on Walk 14.
Difference between mortality rate
Notwithstanding, as of April 13, the state had in excess of 23,000 cases and around 680 deaths, though New York state had in excess of 190,000 cases and roughly 9,400 deaths. Experts accept it's too soon to make sense of why California is showing improvement over New York. One viewpoint is that California just answered quicker than New York after it became clear that coronavirus was spreading in the US. On the off chance that cases in California stay taken care of while those in New York flood — an enormous if — the experience could show us a great deal about how to adapt to Covid-19, the illness delivered by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (CDC COVID-19 Response Team, et al.).
California's experience unquestionably reflects, to a limited extent, the significance of speedy, more forceful activity — like what researchers accept is required across the US, even where coronavirus isn't cu
ently present. We "want to move to a proactive as opposed to receptive mindset," as per Krutika Kuppalli, an i
esistible sicknesses doctor and arising pioneer in biosecurity individual at the Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security (CDC COVID-19 Response Team, et al.). The traditionalist outlook "has been a lot of the way this episode has been all along."
Experts likewise focused on the need of California staying vigilant. With the enormous monetary harm
ought about by coronavirus lockdowns, it could be enticing to loosen up friendly detachment gauges too early. Yet, experts say, to truly stay away from a debacle as york future's, California ought to remain at home however much as could be expected, basically until coronavirus contaminations seem to lessen and compelling testing and checking are set up to more readily identify and oversee future pandemic groups.
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