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For some of the questions below you have a choice between two of the questions (please don’t answer both hoping for extra credit). You will submit your answers and they will be checked for content...

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For some of the questions below you have a choice between two of the questions (please don’t answer both hoping for extra credit). You will submit your answers and they will be checked for content similar to websites and other resources. This is your chance to work on conveying the material that you know through writing.

Please don't use Google.

Question 1 10 points

In cucumbers, smooth fruit (t) is recessive to warty fruit (T) and glossy fruit (d) is recessive to dull fruit (D). If you cross a homozygous warty and dull with a homozygous smooth and glossy to create the F1 heterozygote, what phenotypic ratio would you expect from the offspring of a testcross with the F1 heterozygote assuming non-linkage?

Calculate the recombination frequency between the two genes using the progeny numbers

smooth glossy 422

warty dull XXXXXXXXXX

smooth dull 82

warty glossy 78

Complete a Chi-Square analysis of this data to support your hypothesis of genetic linkage.

chi square table-6.png

Question 2 10 points

Choose one of the following

Explain what Thomas Hunt Morgan and his group found including the specifics of the crosses that were conducted and why this was a novel inheritance pattern.


What are the distinguishing characteristics for an X-linked inheritance pattern? Explain each one in detail using logic that you have gained in this course. (you can use punnet squares as long as you have them properly labelled and accompanying text)

Question 3 5 points

A woman who has blood type A positive has a daughter who is type O positive and a son who is type B negative. Rh positive is a trait that shows simple dominance over Rh negative and is designated by the allelesRandr, respectively. A third gene for the MN blood group has codominant allelesMandN.

If both children are of blood type M in addition to their ABO blood type, list all of the possible parental phenotypes for the ABO, MN and Rh traits.

Question 4 5 points


A set of true breeding white cows were crossed with true breeding black cows to produce all brown colored offspring.

If the F2 generation yielded 113 brown, 47 black and 50 white what type of inheritance would that reflect? Full credit will only be awarded when you show your work and explain your reasoning

Provide a detailed explanation of the type of inheritance pattern observed in this example

Question 5 10 points

In squash, color is controlled by two genes If a genotype of AaBB (white) is crossed with a genotype of Aabb (white) what proportion will be white, yellow (aaB-) and green (aabb)? What type of inheritance pattern is exhibited here?

Full credit will only be awarded if all of the work is shown.

Question 6 10 points

In silkmoths, red eyes (re) and white banded wings are mutant alleles to the wild type (+). A moth homozygous for red eyes and white banded wings is crossed with a wild type moth that is heterozygous for eyes and wing pattern. The progeny of this cross are

wild type eyes, wild type wings 418

red eyes, wild-type wings XXXXXXXXXX

wild-type eyes, white-banded wings 16

red, eyes, white-banded wings XXXXXXXXXX

What phenotypic proportions would be expected if the genes for red eyes and white banded wings were located on different chromosomes?

Label the parentals, recombinants and calculate the gene distance for these two genes.

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