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What is the Relationship between Belief and Knowledge, and what role does Logic play in Justifying Belief?

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What is the Relationship between Belief and Knowledge, and what role does Logicplay in Justifying Belief?

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Tanaya answered on Jun 06 2021
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Title: Relationship between Belief and Knowledge
Perceiving, as well as observing, produces an output, which has a relationship with the state of the world. This characteristic of output can serve as a memory input that helps in storing beliefs. A belief can be defined by an idea, which can be defined by one or many characteristics values so that it can match the representants. Belief has been considered to be a representation, which at times may not be completely justified or may not be completely true. However, there is a chance that a part of the belief is true.
Belief as stated by Stroll and Popkin, at times, can be held by support, for instance, in case there is a proposition, a belief either will hold the proposition or can negate it. The possession of inco
ect beliefs can lead to an inco
ect or problematic conclusion. Rather through a logical formulation, belief can resolve a problem. The statement of any belief can be characterized by values that match partly or fully by the representants.
A perception can be described as a value that defines the values. Perception can be essential information within the output process related to the input. Belief can be transmitted through a hierarchy, while knowledge has often been defined as something that justifies a belief (Sankey). This can be a belief, which held an individual both truly as well as through adequate justification. Hence, in order to establish a belief and to position the belief as a knowledge, it is crucial that the believer has the justification for his belief (Stroll and Popkin).
Without any evidence for a belief, it can be established as knowledge. It had been an age-old concern within the humankind that antedated the beginning of philosophy that can be led by different thinkers inquiring the meanings of religion. The evidence available helps in establishing the claims; in addition, the standards of the knowledge can be employed so that the merits of beliefs can be evaluated (Ha
ison). These claims can be a part of the general theory that can explain...

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