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Watch this video( Oligopolies and Monopolistic Competition ) to help you prepare for this week’s discussion: Reply to these prompts using...

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Watch this video(Oligopolies and Monopolistic Competition) to help you prepare for this week’s discussion:

Reply to these prompts using the company for which you currently work,a business with which you are familiar,or a dream business you want to start:

  • Does the business operate in a market that is characterized by perfect competition,monopolistic competition,oligopoly,or pure monopoly?Explain how you drew your conclusion about its market structure.

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Komalavalli answered on Aug 01 2021
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Business which I going to explain is about Restaurant
Oligopoly market feature:
There are few large firms in the market which produces homogenous or differentiated products. There is a ba
ier to entry and exit in the market. Firms are price setters. In oligopoly firms will produce outcome either in collusive or non collusive manner. The behavior of a seller under non-collusive oligopoly will depend on how he thinks his rivals will react to his...

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