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Topic Question Your prescribed text Mello XXXXXXXXXXlists the following 5 areas of strategic human resource management: staffing training and development performance management and feedback...

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Topic Question

Your prescribed text Mello XXXXXXXXXXlists the following 5 areas of strategic human resource management:

  • staffing
  • training and development
  • performance management and feedback
  • compensation and benefits
  • labour relations

Which of the above 5 areas do you consider to be the most important in strategically managing human resources in order to deliver organisational goals and why?

Support your views with reference to peer reviewed, practice-based and subject sources.

i have selected training and development and have done few words.Please help me to complete this assignment and score good marks :)

Thank you.

Answered Same Day Jul 28, 2020 HRM330 Charles Sturt University


Sarabjeet answered on Jul 29 2020
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Running head: Training and Development
Training and Development
Training and Development
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Introduction    3
Training and development    3
Conclusion    6
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To maintain a competitive advantage in a market, organizations should invest in the training & development of their employees. The HR department focuses on the cu
ent work of training employees and the skills to develop future responsibilities. Human resources activities include training and development for supervisors, managers, and teams; reimbursement programs; performance management; customer service training; harassment prevention training; 360-degree survey reviews; and career guidance (Jehanzeb & Mohanty, 2018). Strategic HR management views training & development as the functions associated with the organizational activities and aims to improve the performance of groups and individuals in the business. T&D will be described as an “educational process that involves improving skills, changing attitudes, concepts, and gaining knowledge to develop employee performance”. Training & development, with a strategic positioning, directly contribute to the organization of business goals and objectives. Training is more effective through the use of innovative technologies and innovative training ways (for example PI (program instructions), simulation games, and role-playing as well as audio/visual methods or tools) and is therefore widely used in existing training courses to strategically manage human resources. These newer technologies are combined with traditional methods, namely lectures, conferences, moreover case studies, to provide an effective means of training and education in specific situations.
Training and development
T&D are critical in strategically managing human resources to achieve organizational goals. Training and development is an area of focus on organizational activities designed to enhance the individual’s performance in an organizational environment. It is often refe
ed to as human resource development and means the development of “human” resources to maintain market competitiveness and achieve organizational goals. The focus of the training is on today's activities to develop the cu
ent positions of HR managers; moreover, development is preparing human resources for future roles and responsibilities. The analysis is ca
ied out shows that the goal of training & development is to create a learning organization that ensures that human resources can do their jobs effectively, gain competitive benefits and searches for self-growth through value-added: good measurable performance through training and development. Strengthen organizational development (LEI & LUO, 2018). This is a process of communicating information and knowledge to human resources and strategically managing human resources. It is enabling employers to translate this information and knowledge into practice to improve organizational efficiency and productivity, as well as the quality of personnel management. Educational...

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