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8% of the final grade Purpose: The thought paper assignment aims to apply concepts learned through course material so far to real-world contexts. At the same time, it allows us to practice our writing...

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8% of the final grade

The thought paper assignment aims to apply concepts learned through course material so far to real-world contexts. At the same time, it allows us to practice our writing and critical thinking skills. It is important to remember that the ability to communicate effectively in the workplace is imperative for being a successful leader and climbing up the corporate ladder.

Papers should be approximately 4-6 pages (that is, the entire document you submit for this assignment should be 4 to 6 pages), double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins. Use complete sentences for responses (no bullet points).

The topic of the paper:
Current Event Report

The objective of this report is to keep you up to date with the leadership obstacles the business world faces today. Please find a current event related to leadership topics covered in this course and read about them from a couple of sources (at least two sources such as newspapers, magazines, podcasts, social media, etc.). After reading about it, draft a report summarizing the issue(s) and perspectives from all sides (if applicable), and apply theories, concepts, and practices from class on how best to solve it and how to prevent it from occurring again. Your chosen events will need to have happened within the last five years. Be sure to include a reference list of your sources.

Please make sure your report includes the following:

1. Summary of the issues—be sure to present all sides of the story.

2. What leadership topic(s) is (are) covered in this event?

3. If it is an adverse event, what could the company(ies) have done to prevent this event from happening? If it is a positive event, how do you think this will impact other companies in the industry?

4. What about this news item caught your interest?

5. What did you learn from this event?

In writing your report, consider the following:

1. The context within which the problem occurred: country, region, state, culture, industry

2. The employee perspective

3. The middle-level manager perspective

4. The customer or client perspective

5. Social implications

There are lots of examples available once you engage with the activity. For example, you might consider what Boeing has been going through because of recent incidents with its airplanes. You may choose to write about AI (from a leadership perspective and following the instructions communicated above). You might want to consider what happened due to Covid-19 to companies such as Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, airlines, hotels, and restaurants. You can select any of these experiences and discuss the leadership implications or how their leadership team responded. If you need help finding examples, feel free to contact me.

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Parul answered on May 09 2024
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Leadership obstacles the business world faces
nb is a relatively young but well-established American
and, which has seen both tremendous success and significant pushbacks, notably in these recent times of the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This company has been a source of innovation and quite a disruption in an ever-changing hospitality landscape. Nevertheless, spread of coronavirus and this pandemic ushered in unprecedented adversity for the company. Indeed, this situation presented some difficult challenges for the leadership of Ai
nb. That is what makes it very interesting and intriguing to understand how leadership pivoted to survive in short-term and even strategize for long-term. By the virtue of this assignment, we will not only deep dive into this journey but comprehend the undying resilience behind to ensure the company continues to operate in the market. In this report, I’ve made an effort to thoroughly comprehend key behaviour that make a leader successful while their back is against the wall. I have also presented the intricate framework of how Ai
nb responded to the pandemic and showcased multifaceted leadership issues that are lessons for the future (Smith & Johnson, 2020).
Summary of the concerns
The COVID-19 pandemic had
ought travel and hospitality sectors across the globe to a total standstill, which meant that Ai
nb was faced with myriad challenges. The company was performing exceptionally well for 12 years until there was a massive hit from the coronavirus forcing everyone to limit their travel or perhaps in complete lockdown. Even after the coronavirus, industries have realised that work can be done without any travel perhaps through Zoom/any online platform. That has also added on to the pressure witnessed by the company placing its financial health in jeopardy. On one front, Ai
nb had to grapple with the economic impact it had to face on its hosts, many of whom depend on income from the renting out of properties. Ensuring the safety and well-being of guests, hosts, and employees had become paramount (Thompson & Patel, 2020).
Leadership at Ai
nb was being questioned for its initial response, with some criticizing it for delays in putting in place robust safety protocols and addressing cancellation policies. This has been a tightrope that companies have had to walk between being financially sustainable and ethically responsible during a crisis (Miller, 2020).
Deep Dive into the Leadership Aspects
This section will cover essential aspects regarding leadership especially with respect to Ai
nb. For instance, crisis management, stakeholder communication, strategic decision-making, work-ethics and corporate social responsibility. Primarily, this deep dive offers the necessity for adaptive leadership in the face of unexpected challenges and the need for organizational actions to be aligned with expectations in society (Anderson & Davis, 2021).
Preventive Measures and Impacts
Well, pandemic was quite challenging for almost all the industries in the market. However, leadership of companies who managed to pivot as per the external factors and adapted along the way, are the ones who were able to survive thus-far. Some of the challenges that Ai
nb faced could have been mitigated if some proactive measures had been taken. Some of the measures which could have been taken include strengthening the partnership with health authorities in advance, developing contingency plans for global crises, and improving communication with stakeholders. These are potential ways in which similar disruptions can be avoided...

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