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Please select a workplace incident from your life and complete a safety analysis of that incident. Your analysis should include the following elements;Brief summary of the incident.Complete a hazard...

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Please select a workplace incident from your life and complete a safety analysis of that incident. Your analysis should include the following elements;
Brief summary of the incident.

Complete a hazard analysis and identify the elements that lead to this incident.

Develop a new safety plan that would help prevent incidents like these from happening again.

Your plan should include revised policies/procedures and new safety equipment and processes needed to help mitigate any hazards associated with your chosen incident.

Responses should be XXXXXXXXXXwords (2-3 pages). As this is a personal reflection, things will need to be in your own words and no reference page is required
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Shubham answered on Mar 29 2024
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Hazard Analysis
The incident includes forklift collision that describes critical hazards. The primary hazards were the lack of effective communication among team members. This is because of without clear communication protocols in place that includes heightened risk of misunderstandings and unawareness of movements of forklift for increasing the likelihood of collisions. There is another hazard that was because of limited visibility in the workplace. The layout of the storage area obstructed sightlines that makes it difficult for forklift operator to see potential obstacles and pedestrians. This lack of visibility significantly increased risk of accidents that is especially in busy and crowded areas. The incident also includes hazard of insufficient training for forklift operators (Provan et al. 2020). While the operator had received basic training and this lacked comprehensive instruction on navigating tight spaces and manoeuvring in crowded environments. This deficiency in training contributed to a lack of confidence and proficiency in handling the forklift safely, increasing the likelihood of accidents. The incident revealed hazards related to equipment maintenance. The forklift involved had not undergone routine maintenance checks and this has resulted in decreased responsiveness and manoeuvrability. This lack of maintenance has compromised the safety of the operator and this has also posed risk to other personnel and property in the workplace.
New Safety Plan
In the development of robust safety plan and it aims to prevent incidents similar to forklift collision. The implementation of clear communication system like two-way radios and designated hand signals. It is required to facilitate effective communication between forklift operators and other personnel. Regular safety
iefings should focus...

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