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Introduction:Examples of corporate social responsibility (CSR) are going on all around us. For instance, consider TOMS Shoes. Their slogan is “With every TOMS purchase, you stand with us on issues...

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Examples of corporate social responsibility (CSR) are going on all around us. For instance, consider TOMS Shoes. Their slogan is “With every TOMS purchase, you stand with us on issues that matter.” They have donated shoes, designer eyewear, and with the launch of their coffee branch, started contributing to programs that ensure safe water for the communities where they harvest their beans. Now, they’ve added “impact grants” to their list of efforts, targeting U.S. gun violence.

As they say on their website, “Since 2006, we’ve given shoes, sight, and safe water to more than 94 million people, and we have our customers to thank for turning our mission—using business to improve lives—into a movement. But the problems facing our world today are more complex than ever. So we are more committed than ever to finding new solutions: in addition to providing for basic human needs, we’re taking a stand on today’s most pressing human issues. And with every TOMS purchase, you’re taking a stand too—for the issues of today, and for a better tomorrow.”

People purchase TOMS shoes because they know that the company is socially conscious and that their money will not only buy fashionable footwear, but also be channeled to people in need.

TOMS is at the top of the CSR pyramid, extending their philanthropy to issues that matter.


Find a company in the news today that’s acting at one level of the CSR pyramid: economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic. Explain what action qualifies the company to be at that level of the pyramid, and then talk about how the company is being socially responsible AND how that action will ultimately benefit their businesses.

Complete and submit your work in a word document.

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Parul answered on May 05 2024
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By the virtue of this assignment, I would like to draw attention to an organisation that truly resonates with the core tenets of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and delivering more than just values with their products. I truly believe Microsoft as a company is more than its products, software, license rather they are enduring their goals with a purpose to give back to community and society. Indeed, Microsoft has always made headlines for their initiative at the economic level and it has become very centre of economic empowerment, job creation as well as sustainable business policies (Ro
ins 2021)
One of the prominent economic CSR efforts of Microsoft is the creation of employment and providing digital skills to people. The company launched the Global Skills Initiative, which trains digital skills for 25 million people worldwide by 2021. This program partners with various organizations and governments to offer coding, data analysis, and digital marketing skills for free (Microsoft, "Global Skills Initiative")
On the economic level of the CSR pyramid, Microsoft qualifies because the economic value that is gained is not only for the company but also for individuals and the whole community in terms of better employability and...

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