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These are blogs which have to be submitted every Sunday from this Sunday's and each blog will be of 600 words that is why will written 3000 words total. This is based on the topics which we will...

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These are blogs which have to be submitted every Sunday from this Sunday's and each blog will be of 600 words that is why will written 3000 words total. This is based on the topics which we will attend in the class every week but you can see the topics from my interact2, coz she wants us to reply the answers according to the topics. Pls this teacher is hard and do as she says no increase of word limits plsssss.
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Sundeep answered on Apr 29 2020
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Assessing – Influencing – Rewarding Performance! An important Gesture
Work performance assessment is important and understanding the objectives to complete is an important function. Understanding the work and understanding why are we doing that work is important! C’mon we need motivation to work and we have to work smartly. We have to understand that the work we do has to add value to the organisation and to ourselves too. The work everyone does is assessed by the immediate superior and also by the peers. The work your colleague does surely affects your work too and the sole purpose of this is to improve the overall quality of the work.( De Spiegelaere, S., Van Gyes, G., & Van Hootegem, G. (2016).)
A positive organisation would promote the workplace and boost the morale of the workforce. An environment is required to be created to improve the productivity of the workforce and to create the environment that is beneficial to the organisation as well as the members of the team. Employee attitude is the factor which affects the morale of the members of the team to work in a competitive and yet in an organised way.
The factors influencing the performance of the employee are:
Implementing the skills & knowledge: Co
ect implementation and utilisation of the skills is important for the satisfaction of the employee. If the skillset of the employee is not utilised the performance of the team and the tem member suffers
Work environment & culture: If the work environment is unhealthy it adds up to another factor that affects the performance of the employees. The work environment needs to be positive and pushing in order to create such a place where the members are happy to come and give their 100% for the development of the organisation. The behaviour of the manager directly affects the morale and the working of the team. The team suffers if the manager is not an appreciating one.( Trompenaars, F., & Greene, R. J. (2016))
Performance rewards are an important feature in an organisation. Rewards are the gestures which show that the work is appreciated and the work has
ought in benefits to the organisation. Rewards give a positive push to the team member to again perform to the best of knowledge and expand in order to achieve the goal.
Employee attitude: The attitude of the employee is very necessary in order for the project to be successful. If the employee is motivated, it helps him/her to stay focussed and also deliver the best to the organisation.
Right resources & tools: Right set of tools and resources are required in order to get the right output. There are multiple occasions where the unavailability of the tools make the member of the team helpless and has to quit that task and continue with other task
Rewarding an employee with benefits and the goodwill for doing the hard work is important. It boosts the morale and also promoted hardwork. A team leader has to understand that the task at hand can be done in regular steps or can be down with perfection and efficiently. The rewards are the distance that has to be travelled. Rewards have to be leading the growth. For many people, growth opportunities. Rewards may be financial and may be in terms of goodwill. People who are respected tend to perform more and perform better at organisations. Respect and integrity are the functionalities that people work for. A growth in career is rewarded keeps the force motivated and working towards success. There may be multiple challenges and overcoming them is a work of art. Challenges help to achieve better heights and help to gain control of the situation in the long run.
Trompenaars, F., & Greene, R. J. (2016). Rewarding Performance Globally: Reconciling the Global-local Dilemma. Taylor & Francis.
Trompenaars, F., & Greene, R. J. (2016). Cultures that Fit a Globalized Context. In Rewarding Performance Globally (pp. 45-54). Routledge.
De Spiegelaere, S., Van Gyes, G., & Van Hootegem, G. (2016). Innovative work behaviour and performance-related pay: rewarding the individual or the collective?. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 1-20.
Grouping Individuals & Behaviour!
Everyone in the organisation says, work in teams! You’ll be able to achieve the task faster, you’ll be able to perform better and get the task done quickly!
Team work is an art and requires patience, understanding, analysing and also the development of relationships in the team work. The team dynamics should match and the output of the team should be more than the personal output. The developments of the team grows overtime and not of a sudden. Organisations work because of team works and achieve tasks which are very difficult to achieve individually. Team work is very important in each aspect of life and also creates the attitude that is important for understanding the other person. Team work also creates the skill of negotiations and also create the work which would have an extremely high level of output if performed in team.
Team work is needed in assignments and also needed in terms of organisations. Teamwork is needed in games and teamwork is needed in growth. Team work is needed in ma
iage and team work is needed in family to grow together towards a happy family.
Working in teams has its own pros and cons. The pros and cons and the weights assigned to them depend upon the team you are working with! I had a team which was an excellent one and we used to manage every part of the work as a team and the overall output of the team grew. The work if it used to come in loads, it got distributed and was finished off with efficiency and speed. The team dynamics should be such that it leads to growth and helps the person to grow individually. The team is always made up of people with different skills to improve the overall efficiency of the team. The team has...

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