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The following assignment is the second part of the main assignment. The first part has already been completed. A file containing first part and the professor's feedback has been attached below. please...

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The following assignment is the second part of the main assignment. The first part has already been completed.
A file containing first part and the professor's feedback has been attached below. please have a look at that to have an idea before starting the second part.
the industry selected is mcdonalds and the area been considered is recruitment and selection. all the requirements of the essay and rubrics have been attached.if any further query please do ask. and please show the draft 2-3 days before completing the final essay. this part of essay mainly concerns about the issues been faced by mcdonalds in the area of recruitment and selection. one example could of an issue could be they hiring casual staff and underage staff so as to pay less. you have to concentrate on current recruitment practices and strategic approach. find out the issues in this area using scholarly articles and review the literature from strategic approach. you also have to provide reccomendations to overcome the issues in recruitment and selection area as an HR manager of the company. the references should be in alphabetical order and use harvard style referencing. please concentrate on one issue in the recruitment and selection area and revolve around that in the essay. and do provide me with a draft before proceeding towards the final assignment so that if anything turns wrong i could correct you.
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Soumi answered on May 04 2020
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Chosen industry and HRM topic    3
Issues faced by McDonalds in their area of Recruitment and Selection    4
Recommendations for eliminating the Issues    5
Conclusion    5
References    6
Human Resource Management (HRM) is one of the most important functions of the management of an organisation. It is indispensable to any organisation, i
espective of their type of business and industry, to which they belong. It mainly allows the management to regulate the performance of workforce and add improvements to it. Recruitment and selection is one such step that helps to enhance existing workforce of the organisation. The cu
ent essay is an identification of issues in HRM practices of a chosen organisation, McDonalds, pertaining to their recruitment and selection process, which could be addressed using the recommendations outlined here.
Chosen industry and HRM topic
The industry, which has been chosen here to focus on their HRM practices, is the fast food retailers. This is a fast-growing industry within the hospitality sector and is largely dependent on the level of services it provides to its customers. Therefore, as viewed by Barnes et al. (2015), it is very important that the organisations within this industry has largely diligent and customer-centric employees, for whom serving the customers to generate high levels of satisfaction would be the ultimate aim. One such organisation is McDonalds, which has been successful to a great level in generating high customer satisfaction, which has been possible mainly due to their dedicated human resource.
McDonalds is a retail chain of fast food organisation that serves a variety of snacks, beverages and finger foods to the customers internationally. It has been employing all dedicated staffs, who are aware of their customer-centric practices and are able to retain the ones, who visit their stores all over the world. Hence, the HRM strategies of McDonalds can be said to be quite effective so far. However, as argued by Pashayan et al. (2015), the initiation of a strong human resource takes place from the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection process of the organisation. In case of McDonalds, they have implemented both internal and external formats of recruitments. As analysed from their company HRM policies, they select an employee to join the organisation only if they have cleared through their three levels of recruitment process that initiates from applying for the job, proceeds through interview and ends at the document verification process (McDonalds, 2018).
All these steps are sequentially followed by the Recruitment Manager of McDonalds and only after shortlisting the most suitable aspirants to the designation, they select the one for it, who has been successful in all these three rounds. Not only that, after the employee joins the job, they are given a thorough training on the ways to attend the customers, such as on areas such as maintenance of a cordial body language, conduction of a Health and Food Safety Test to assess if they are aware of the safe standards of the food served at the organisation (McDonalds, 2018). Hence, an employee, after this training, becomes completely ready for exhibiting diligent performance at the organisation.
Issues faced by McDonalds in their area of Recruitment...

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