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The book Bravo for the Marshallese , by Holly M. Barker, tells the story of how residents of the Marshall Islands have been affected by nuclear testing conducted there by the U.S. government during...

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The bookBravo for the Marshallese, by Holly M. Barker, tells the story of how residents of the Marshall Islands have been affected by nuclear testing conducted there by the U.S. government during the twentieth century. In this essay, I’d like you to do three things. First, discuss in detail at least three ways that Marshall Islanders have been affected by the legacy of nuclear contamination. Next, discuss in detail three strategies that Marshall Islanders have used to cope with, mitigate, or gain redress from the problems caused by nuclear testing. Finally, reflect on what this case can teach us more broadly about inter-cultural conflict and how to manage it. Please use evidence from the book to support your argument.
I can provide the tutor with the link and login information to the book that this essay is referring to.
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Swati answered on Jul 04 2021
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Ways in which Marshall Islanders got affected by legacy of nuclear contamination-
Nuclear contamination is biggest mishap of past that still has impact on the Marshall Islanders who came in direct contact and exposure of radiation. The impact was so loud that it still persists in generation there. Some of the ways in which people there got affected are as follows-
1. Due to nuclear contamination, all people of area fell violently ill. Some were suffering from severe headaches, other with nausea, vomiting and dia
hea to extreme. Slowly the exposed parts of body during the contamination turned into painful blisters along with severe hair fall full of dust and powder like substances that had no smell or taste. Hiroshi has described his state in case history of Rongelap on the day incident took place where he got such severe burns to exposed areas that bones in his feet were all exposed. Also, the case history of Ailinginae describes how aged one died when bomb fell and describes how everyone was sick around and no one was able to take care of other. Even the Ailuk and Likiep study mentions the foggy sky, ill people and powder falling on everything.
2. People were highly contaminated due to exposure of radiation. To reduce the effect of radiation many steps were taken. During evacuation of people from small islands like Ronegelap, Ailinginae etc, they were asked to take off all their clothes and stand naked while with a hose pipe they all were washed and later dressed. People felt humiliated but these daily thrice a day bath went for entire 3 months to reduce the radiation impact. Females were crying in shame because of getting undressed in front of male relatives.
3. Birth defects became one common phenomenon post the bomb attack. Case of Rongelap supports this argument as the baby delivered to...

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