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South Australia will be home to the world's largest lithium ion battery thanks to a historic agreement between Tesla and the State Government. … Tesla will build the 100-megawatt battery which will...

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South Australia will be home to the world's largest lithium ion battery thanks to a historic agreement between Tesla and the State Government. … Tesla will build the 100-megawatt battery which will store energy from French renewable company Neoen's Hornsdale Wind Farm near Jamestown, which is still under construction.” (Scopelianos, S., Fedorowytsch, T. and Garcia, S XXXXXXXXXXElon Musk's Tesla to build world's biggest lithium ion battery to secure power for South Australia. The Conversation. 7 July. Available at: XXXXXXXXXX/sa-to-get-worlds-biggest-lithium-ionbattery/ XXXXXXXXXXDescribe the energy sources (renewable and non-renewable) for electricity generation in South Australia. Create an Excel pie chart that shows the share of each source in total electricity generation (supply) in South Australia. Include this graph as an image in your Word document. Describe your graph. (about 400 words) Discuss the effect of the lithium ion battery on electricity supply and the electricity market in South Australia. Use a supply and demand diagram to demonstrate this effect. Explain the diagram. (about 400 words) Give one policy initiative that the South Australian government could use to support this venture. Explain your answer. (about 400 words)
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working Lithium Ion Battery and Its Effect on Electricity Market in South Australia
Energy resources are of two types, renewable energy resources and non renewable energy resources. The essential features of renewable energy resources are its capacity to regenerate itself, i.e., its stock is not fixed and can be increased as well as decreased; for example, solar energy, , hydropower, geothermal energy, wind energy, biomass energy, tidal energy, wave energy, radiant energy and compressed natural gas energy are renewable energy resources. Renewable energy resources cannot be depleted by its use for energy requirements. The distinctive feature of non renewable energy resources is that they are fixed in overall quantity and therefore the more we extract, the less will be available for the future generation. This source of energy can be depleted by its uses. Examples for non renewable energy resource are: fossil fuels: coal, petroleum, and natural gas. These are called fossil fuel and ca
on is the main element in this fuels. As fossil fuels emit ca
on it creates environmental damage. As the non renewable energy gets depleted by its use it becomes very costly when the demand for the same increases. As the quantity of energy generated from non renewable resources cannot be increased as per the market demand it creates shortage in the market.
Energy sources: Renewable and non-renewable for electricity generation in South Australia.
In South Australia, both renewable and non renewable energy resources are used to generate electricity. The electricity so generated is sold through The National Electricity Market to retailers of electricity and retailers sell it to business and households. In times of peak demand domestic supply cannot meet domestic demand and there is electricity shortage always. In order to fill the shortage South Australia import electricity from eastern states. The electricity generated from renewable and non renewable sources is transported from power station through transmitters and distribution network. From this distribution network electricity is sold to retailers and electricity retailers sell this through transmitters to its end users.
Wind and solar energy sources are main renewable energy sources in South Australia. Electricity is generated from solar and wind and electricity from solar is generated through...

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