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see attechment please

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see attechment please
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Arpana answered on May 02 2020
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    “What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form.” – David Ogilvy. The consumer behavior is the new study which has come into existence. The study has shifted the paradigm from the attention of manufacturers to consumers and specifically to consumer behavior. Consumer behavior is a study of how individuals make decision to spend their available resource. The heterogeneity among people makes understanding consumer behavior a challenging task to marketers. Finally, this study acted as imperative tools for the marketers to forecast consumer behavior in buying and they devised four marketing strategies in order to create long term relationship.
    We can
oadly classify consumer behavior as decisions and actions that influences purchasing behavior of a consumer. There are four consumer behavior theories that stands out as influential for marketers: (Rebecca, 2016)
· Marshallian Economics: The theory, after the name of economist Alfred Marshall, suggests that any goods or services are purchased by the consumers on the perception of what offers them most satisfaction.
· Psychoanalytic Theory – The theory states that consumers are not able to understand their motivation because the psychological factor that shape them are unconscious by large.
· Pavlovian Theory – Ivan Pavlov states that much of human behavior results from conditioned responses. The theory is useful for marketers, when establishing the
and, reinforce
and elements that are associated with positive customer experience.
· Veblenian Social – Psychological Model - Theory was suggested by Thorstein Veblen that human are social creatures who conform to the standards of the culture and subgroups in which they live. He believed that the need and desire of each individual is created by group membership.
Consumer behavior study not only help to understand past but also predict future. There are few factors that influence consumer behavior such as: (iResearch, 2018)
· Marketing Campaign – Marketing of the products play an important role in decision making for consumers. Continuous marketing campaigns influences purchasing decision of consumer.
· Economic Conditions – Economic situation in the market also influences decision of purchase. This is true when we are buying property, vehicles and appliances.
· Personal Preferences – Few industries such as food, fashion and personal care is influenced by shades of likes, dislikes, morals and values and priorities which influences the purchase.
· Group Influence – There are two types of groups that influence the purchase – Primary is consisted of family, relatives and friends and secondary is consisted of neighbors and acquaintances.
· Purchasing power – Consumer Behavior is highly influenced by purchasing power of consumers. Before buying and product, each consumer analyze their purchasing capacity.
In this paper, I will do individual case analysis on consumer behavior. Recently, I happen to buy car, toothpaste and mobile phone. We will analyze these three purchases on different factors such as my need recognition, pre-purchase search, evaluation process, my purchase and post purchase experience. My case analysis will help us to understand the factors that influenced these purchases.
Product - Ca
My office is 40Kms from my house. I was travelling by metro which use to take more than 2hrs for me to reach. So, I decided to buy a new car for myself which will help me save my time and effort. I have never bought a car before. I wanted a car which gives me good mileage and is luxurious too. I decided to buy SUV for myself. I listed out all SUVs available in the market. My search started with newspaper advertisements, online and my acquaintances and their experiences. I have started...

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