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Answer all questions in APA format. Due by 6 August.

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Chapter 1: Introduction to the Body
1. What is the difference between the axial portion of the body and the appendicular portion of the body?
2. The maintenance of body temperature and the birth of a baby are two body functions that are regulated
y feedback loops. Explain the different feedback loops that regulate each process.
3.1f a person complained of a pain in the epigastric region, what organs could be involved and where are
they located?
Chapter 2: Chemistry of Life
1. A certain protein molecule is hydrolyzed by an enzyme. How would you explain that statement to
someone unfamiliar with chemical terminology?
2. A newly discovered protein is found to regulate how hormones influence the functions of cells in the
ody. Is this protein a structural protein or a functional protein? Why?
3. What mechanism does DNA use to regulate all of the body's structures and functions?
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