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Reflection Paper This assignment covers two sources - the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team and a book/article from the reading list provided in class (or instructor approval of an alternate book or article...

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Reflection Paper

This assignment covers two sources - the
5 Dysfunctions of a Team and a book/article from the reading list provided in class (or instructor approval of an alternate book or article related to one of the topics that are covered in the text book).
You will write a paper (1 inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, single or double spaced with no spacing points before or after) and APA format for references and citations that is NO MORE than 5 pages long (not including the cover page) answering the following questions:

  1. Provide a personal example of at least two of the dysfunctions that you have witnessed (work or school).

  2. Which dysfunction is the greatest challenge for you? Describe how you could overcome this dysfunction at work or in your next group project.

  3. Provide a brief summary of the article or book that you read – no more than one page.

  4. Discuss how the information from the Five Dysfunctions and the article/book will make you a better manager, team member, or leader.

Reflection Rubric


Score and Comments

Discussion of the Five Dysfunctions to include personal examples of at least two dysfunctions.


Discussion of how you overcame or would overcome the dysfunctions identified above.


Summary of an article or book from the reading list (approximately 250 words)


Discussion of how you will use what you read in the book from the reading list and from the Five Dysfunctions to become a better manager/leader.


The reflection must be typed, double-spaced, and spelling, punctuation grammar and references will be of graduate student level quality. If used, references are in the APA format.


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Reflection Paper        2
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Answer 1
I have had the favourable luck to be a piece of a gigantic assortment of groups over the span of my 21 years. Groups from athletics, academia, worship, theatre, missions, the church, and a large group of different exercises are among them. Most of my experiences have been positive and useful. Regardless, a select number have separated themselves and arisen as the additional difficult ones. One of them truly made me pass in the group because of the outrageous measure of dysfunction. Each dysfunction recorded in this book was available in this group, except for the dysfunction of avoidance of accountability, which, everything considered, causes me to feel calmer about my choice to stop the group (Lencioni, 2012).
Lack of trust was the primary dysfunction that existed, and unfortunately, it came from the most elevated level of this foundation. In this association, I worked intimately with the president as a chief. I saw a lack of trust that was causing difficulty pretty quickly. A large portion of my decisions appeared to have been raised doubt about or even challenged. I turned out to be constantly persuaded that I must be perfect and do my absolute best without flopping therefore. Rather than being loaded up with effortlessness and understanding, it transformed into fear. I truly thought he was essentially sitting tight for me to screw up. This finished in very protective and receptive activities.
Fear of fighting was the second dysfunction that existed. The dynamic of the chief group plainly mi
ored this. Every chief should be, or in any event, show up, ideal since this organization puts a ton of accentuation on picture. Since this is a Christian foundation, I was so bothered on the grounds that it appeared to be an outrageous infringement of Christian standards or convictions. This sensation of affectation made me more aggravated and made me need to leave this spot to an ever increasing extent.
Lack of commitment was the third dysfunction that was found. By and by, I felt this actually emphatically. I really accepted that each decision I made was qualified by a "perhaps." Rarely did I at any point feel sure about the choices I made. E
ands accepted two times as lengthy to finish on account of this lack of commitment. I in the end started to feel that I had no voice or that I was unable to be sufficiently free to finish exercises all alone because of this determined dysfunction. Since to this micromanagement, I couldn't play out my occupation actually and productively, which in the end hurt the leader group.
Indeed, even the fifth dysfunction of the issue of inattention towards results was available in them....

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