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Question 8 Explain below; two (2) human resource strategies and two (2) planning processes and their relationship to business and operational plans for each. # Human Resource Strategies Outline the...

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Question 8

Explain below; two (2) human resource strategies and two (2) planning processes and their relationship to business and operational plans for each.


Human Resource Strategies

Outline the relationship of the HR Strategy to the Business Plan

Outline the relationship of the HR Strategy to the Operational Plan


Insure HR service delivery model



Planning Processes

Outline the relationship of the Planning Process to the Business Plan

Outline the relationship of the Planning Process to the Operational Plan


Asses current HR capacity

Asses your current staffs before making any decision on hiring anyone/employees

Ask your employees to self evaluate with questionnaire basically looking over past performance and what needs to improve


Review and evaluate

Create questionnaires, plan a time and a day to complete the question

Set an amount of times you want to evaluate and see if this has help the company its goal

Question 9

Complete the table below. Identify how performance management and contract management apply in human resources XXXXXXXXXXwords each)

Performance management

How it applies in human resources XXXXXXXXXXwords each)

Contract management

Question 10

Explain how feedback can be used to modify the delivery of human resources XXXXXXXXXXwords)

Assessment 2: Case Study

Background Information

National Camper Trailers Pty. Ltd. have identified that they would like to grow their business 10% per year over the next five (5) years. They have engaged you to assist them in this process.

Assess National Camper Trailers Pty. Ltd. Strategic and Operational Plans, to determine their HR requirements over the next five (5) years.

To assist in this process, you consult with line and senior managers to identify human resources future needs in their area. As a result, the only department outside the standard response of increasing HR by 10% each year is the sales department, which require additional four (4) staff as followed, in addition to the 10% increase per year over the next five (5) years.:

· 2x Area Managers; and

· 2x State Managers.

Senior management have identified that a review of staffing levels is required but are unsure whether to:

- Review staffing arrangements

Review staffing arrangements to include more casuals to support peak periods and then offer full time employment to exceptional casual staff. Outsource different areas of work such as HR and marketing

- Full Restructure

Undertake a full restructure of the organisation and then create new positions over the next five (5) years to support the planned growth

Question 1a

Based on the two (2) options suggested by senior management, review the options and provide a summary of the benefits and limitations of each option suggested.

Ensure that each option you develop complies with legislative requirements, NCT policies and their business goals.


List a minimum of two (2)


List a minimum of two (2)

Review Staffing Arrangements





Full Restructure





Question 1b

Based on the projected growth over the next five (5) years, determine the human resources required for each department, for each year.

National Camper Trailers

Projected Department Staffing Numbers


Finance, HR & WHS

Factory Manufacturing

Assembly & Fitout

Sales and Marketing






Yr 1

Yr 2

Yr 3

Yr 4

Yr 5

Question 2

Using the internet, search and review the current external business environment and determine a minimum of two (2) likely impacts on NCT’s human resources requirements. (50 – 80 words).



Question 3

Review NCT’s policies and procedure on diversity and assess their most resent HR report to determine NCT’s diversity requirements in the workforce.

List two (2) diversity requirements you have determined from your review of NCT documents. (20 – 50 words).



Question 4

From the options you have discussed in Question 1, choose the most appropriate option and develop a Five (5) Year Plan for National Camper Trailers utilising the BSBHRM501 Assessment 2 Case Study Template. (1000 – 2000 words)

In the template, we have provided notes to assist with the completion of the report. Please remove these comments prior to submission. All sections of the template must be completed.

Attach Completed Template

Question 5

Describe how you would ensure that HR services are delivered by appropriate providers, according to service agreements and NCT’s Operational Plan XXXXXXXXXXwords each)

Describe how you would ensure service providers are appropriate:

Describe how you would ensure service providers are maintain requirements in their Service Agreement:

Describe how you would ensure service providers are maintain requirements of the Operational Plan:

Question 6

Two (2) months after you have engaged a new staff member from a HR provider (ABC Recruitment) you are experiencing difficulties with that staff member to turn up on time or meet the neat and tidy dress code.

Describe how you would rectify the underperformance of the HR provider XXXXXXXXXXwords)

Question 7

Describe how you would establish systems for gathering and storing information needed to provide Human Resource Services XXXXXXXXXXwords each)

Gathering Information

Storing Information

Question 8

Four (4) months into the HR strategy and action plan, Kennedy (Sales and Marketing Manager) requests a variation and an additional staff member to canvas for new business.

Explain below who and how you would obtain approval for this variation in service delivery from appropriate managers XXXXXXXXXXwords)

Question 9

Review NCT’s HR induction manual and summarise below in your own words the contained Code of Conduct Policy XXXXXXXXXXwords)

Any new employee should be assigned to someone to meet on arrival in order to carry out required personal information checks. A new employee should have access to the general information about the company’s structure. A clear information of the job content, the line of reporting and general terms and conditions for employment should be made available to any new employee. Other necessities are the organization’s security protocols. Health and safety is also a priority to ensure any new employee is equipped with skill and knowledge needed to manage any risks related to the job (Avidan et al, 2017)

Question/ Activity 10

Conduct a Meeting (roleplay)

You need to conduct a meeting with the internal HR Manager and external HR consultant, to discuss the Plan you developed in Question 4 (including the SLA).

During the meeting you are required to:

a) Communicate information about the HR strategies you have adopted

b) Communicate the service specifications, performance standards and timeframes as set out in Section D.

c) Obtain agreement on strategies and action plan you have developed, as set out in Section D.

d) Communicate the Service Agreements (SLA’s) you developed in Section H.

e) Negotiate the Service Agreements (SLA) and gain approval.

f) Discuss a variation in the service delivery and obtain approval from the HR Manager.

Ensure you communication effectively and ask questions to gather information, listening carefully to evaluate information.

To assist you in this roleplay, you may choose to hold this roleplay with any of the following individuals:

· Friends

· Family

· Colleagues

Name of Individual, who played the role of the internal HR Manager:

Date of meeting held:

Meeting Location:

Was agreement obtained on the strategies and action plan you developed? (Please tick)

Yes No

Negotiated and gained approval on SLA’s? (Please tick)

Yes No

Outline the variation in service delivery discussed, and gained approval for from the HR Manager.

Name of Individual, who played the role of external HR consultant:

Date of meeting held:

Meeting Location:

Was agreement obtained on the strategies and action plan you developed? (Please tick)

Yes No

Negotiated and gained approval on SLA’s? (Please tick)

Yes No

Assessment 3: Project

Project Overview

This project requires you to survey staff from a company or business of your choice. You may use the template provider or develop your own survey template to determine the satisfaction with human resource services delivered. This survey must focus on the delivery of HR services

Once you decide on your preferred template, you are required to capture ongoing client feedback from the company or business of your choice. (Sample size must be a minimum of five (5) surveys completed)

Analyse the completed survey and make recommendations to the company/ business to improve their service delivery relating to human resources.

Activity 1

Conduct HR Survey

Access the BSBHRM501 Survey Template (Assessment3) or develop your own HR services survey.

You are required to distribute this survey to five (5) or more employees from the same company/ business. To successfully complete this task, you must have a minimum of five (5) completed surveys.

You may choice to conduct this survey via: face to face, online or hardcopy.

Upload all completed surveys to Moodle in one (1) file, including your name in the file name.

Eg: John.Smith – Completed surveys BSBHRM501 Assessment3

Activity 2

Survey Consolidation Report

To complete this task, you are required to develop a Survey Consolidation Report, of all the completed surveys you received from Activity 1.

You may use the template below or create your own.

Survey Consolidation Report

Completed by:

Student Name : Mekia Jiba

Report for:

Name of Company/ Business Surveyed

Name of Company/ Business:

Survey Results

Analysis on the above information






Outline of additional feedback received:

Activity 3


From your Survey Consolidation Report from Activity 2, make a minimum of two (2) recommendations for the company/ Business (80 + words).

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Explain: Clarify or elaborate on the facts. Focus on reasons how and why things happen or a why a particular point is important in the relevant context.
List: Using dot points, list a series of points, steps or stages that relate to the question.
Outline: Leaving out minor details, give an account of thing or a process outlining the main points of a topic.
Review: Provide a summary while analysing and commenting on the evidence, argument or other relevant points.
Summarise: Identify and interpret the most relevant features of a theory, discuss issue or detail, leaving out the finer details.
Develop: Involves the creation of the materials/activities/procedures to achieve the outcome. This is about designing and creating,
Implement: After materials/activities/procedures are developed, test all materials/procedures to determine if they are functional and appropriate for the intended audience.
Evaluate: ensures that the materials/activities/procedures achieve their desired goals and involves a detailed review including any recommendations for change and reasons.
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Students accused more than once of academic misconduct, including plagiarism, may be dismissed or cancelled from their course at the discretion of the National Training Manager.
Plagiarism can take several forms;
· Quoting from a book or an article without acknowledging the source
· Handing in someone else’s work as your own
· Stealing and passing off another person’s words or ideas and claiming them as your own
· Giving inco
ect information about the source of a quotation or idea
· Downloading information from the internet without acknowledging the source
· Copying a section of a book or article and submitting it as one’s own work
· Presenting as a new and original idea or produce something which was derived from an existing source
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"After that I lived like a young rajah in all the capitals of Europe…" (Fitzgerald, 2004).
Reference Lists are located at the end of the work and display full citations for sources used in the assignment.
Here is an example of a full citation for a book found in a Harvard Reference list:
Fitzgerald, F. (2004). The great Gatsby. New York: Scribner.*
National Training prefers that students utilises Harvard Style referencing. Generally, Harvard Reference List citations follow this format:
Books: Last name, First Initial. (Year published). Title. City: Publisher, Page(s).
Journals/publication: Last name, First initial. (Year published). Article title. Journal, Volume (Issue), Page(s).
Websites: Website name, (Year published). Page title. [Online] Available at: URL [Accessed Day Mo. Year].
Understanding your results
The great thing with competency-based training is that you either deemed 'competent' (you can demonstrate the required skills and knowledge) or 'not yet competent' (at this time you haven't been able to demonstrate required skills or knowledge). The key word is "YET”.
Your trainer will provide you with feedback on your assessments so that you know what you have done well in your assessment and what you need to improve upon or fix. An "NYC" result does not mean that you have failed and that is it - you have the opportunity to try again. It could be that one question in your assessment was deemed not yet satisfactory and this is the only question that will require review.
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    Student Instructions
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    This is a summative assessment activity, which means it is an assessment of what you have learnt and used towards the assessment of your overall competency.
For further information, refer to the Assessment Activity
    Assessment instructions
    Read information provided and fully complete all questions as asked.
All responses must include adequate detail and include references (including the learning material) as required. A level of research may be required to complete this assessment. Please contact your Trainer and Assessor for further support as needed.
    Reasonable adjustment
    You are encouraged to contact your Trainer and Assessor, prior to attempting this task if you do not understand any part of this task or if you have learning difficulties or differences, that may hinder your attempt of the assessment.
You may also discuss the use of their workplace for assessments in lieu of National Camper Trailers (the simulated business).
    Academic integrity
    Cheating, plagiarism, and collusion in any form during the assessments will result in the assessment being invalidated. By submitting your assessment, you are declaring that the submission is the result of your own work and you have not engaged in any form of cheating, plagiarism, and collusion when undertaking this activity.
    Resources, equipment & material required
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· Learner Guide
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· Computer
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Please note- some tasks may require the use of a printer and/or scanne
    How you will be assessed
    Your trainer and assessor will review your responses against the unit of competency which specifies the requirements of the unit including:
· Elements and performance criteria
· Performance Evidence
· Knowledge Evidence
· Assessment Conditions.
Upon completion of your responses will be assessed against a standard answer sheet to ensure that you have covered the question and are consistent with others. You are required to get every question co
Assessment Activity
This is a summative assessment. Summative assessments are a measure against a particular benchmark. It gives an indication of your competence against the benchmark and is often refe
ed to as ‘assessment of learning.’
For this unit you will complete the following assessment activities:
    Assessment 1:     Short Answer Questions
    This task is a series of short answer questions.
This self-guided learning task is an open book assessment, and you can complete this task with all learner manuals on hand and use the Internet and other resources available to you, to assist demonstrating your prior knowledge and competency in this task.
We recommend reviewing: Understanding assessment terminology to support the completion of your assessment
    What to submit:
· Short answer questions completed in the Assessment Handbook.
    Assessment 2:
    Case Study
    A scenario has been provided about a specific situation. You will be required to complete a series of questions and/or tasks to demonstrate your knowledge of the unit.
We recommend reviewing: Understanding assessment terminology to support the completion of your assessment
    What to submit:
· Questions completed in the Assessment Handbook
· Completed ‘report utilising the template, ‘BSBHRM501 Assessment 2 Case Study’
    Assessment 3:
    This project requires you to create a survey, complete the survey (at least 5 survey results) and analyse the feedback from the survey. This survey must focus on HR services
We recommend reviewing: Understanding assessment terminology to support the completion of your assessment
    What to submit:
· Minimum of five (5) completed surveys
· Survey Consolidated Report
· Recommendations
Assessment 1: Short Answer Questions
Question 1
Describe how you would support agreed change processes across the organisation (50 – 80 words)
All the staff needs to be informed on the details of the changes, It is required/necessary to provide a clear...

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