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Question 1Question 2Question 3Question 4Question 5Question 6Question 7Question 8Question 9 Question 3 The course is a diploma in community services. The subject: Manage legal and ethical compliance....

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Question 1Question 2Question 3Question 4Question 5Question 6Question 7Question 8Question 9Question 3

The course is a diploma in community services.

The subject: Manage legal and ethical compliance.

Question 3

  • Outline the responsibilities of managers in the development and monitoring of policies and procedures, including those related to:

    • children in the workplace
    • codes of conduct
    • codes of practice
    • complaint management
    • continuing professional education
    • discrimination
    • dignity of risk
    • duty of are
    • human rights
      • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
      • relationship between human needs and human rights
      • frameworks, approaches and instruments used in the workplace
    • informed consent
    • mandatory reporting
    • practice standards
    • practitioner/ client boundaries
    • privacy, confidentiality and disclosure
    • policy frameworks
    • records management
    • rights and responsibilities of workers, employers and clients
    • industrial relations legislation and requirements relevant to organisation
    • specific requirements in the area of work, including:
      • key practices that are prohibited by law
      • auditing and inspection regimes
      • main consequences of non-compliance
      • need to apply for licences and associated mandatory training and certification requirements
      • statutory reporting requirements
      • business insurances required including public liability and workers compensation
      • accreditation requirements
      • requirements to develop and implement plans, policies, codes of conduct or incorporate certain workplace practices
    • work role boundaries – responsibilities and limitations of different people
    • work health and safety
    please read the question carefully to understand. Dot point answers, write the sub topic e.g work health and safety. then put answers in dot points under the sub topic.

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David answered on Dec 27 2019
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Manager’s Responsibilities
Manager’s Responsibilities
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Question 3
1. children in the workplace
· Ensuring that the fundamental rights of the children are protected
· Ensuring that the child is growing in a safe circumstances
· Structuring a grievance cell where any kind of complain could be taken into consideration
· Undertaking actions that would enable to have best outcomes from the children

2. codes of conduct
· Developing guidelines that would help in effective monitoring of the polices in place
· Providing clarity on the vision and mission of the company along with its objectives
· Having effective framework for managing compliance and ethics in the workplace
· Grievance cell for evaluating issues faced by the team membe

3. codes of practice
· Monitoring the data privacy at workplace
· Ensuing that the practices been followed should be in accordance to the permissible law, ethics and policies
· Conducting audits to evaluate the practices in place
4. complaint management
· Ensuring all the complains should be taken into consideration without any bias
· Conducting an investigation to evaluate the genuineness of the cause
· Having constant follow-up
5. continuing professional education
· Tracking the...

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