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Project Based Assignment – Part 2 (Research Report) Students are required to use literature on recruitment and selection processes, HRD strategy, leadership development and talent management including...

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Project Based Assignment – Part 2 (Research Report)

Students are required to use literature on recruitment and selection processes, HRD strategy, leadership development and talent management including drawing upon the literature used in the Theory and Concept Submissions and their analysis of their case study organization (the Project-based assignment – part 1). Students are also required to address specific questions about their case study organization drawing on the research literature that are set out below.

The key focus of the second part of the project-based assignment is to focus on the opportunities for practice improvement in alignment and integration of leadership development and talent management in the case study organization.

The key to an effective research report like this assignment is to compliment the research literature provided on the Canvas site with a careful reading, analysis, and critique of other relevant additional research literature. Wherever possible students should link related research literature on the same topic/theme to support the argument they are advancing in the research report.

The research report should contain a clearly designatedIntroduction Section.This section should set the scene for the research report, defines key terms, sets out the central argument about the organization’s leadership and talent management processes and its workforce management challenges and the position being taken in relation to the potential for improvement in and integration of leadership development and talent management in the case study organization.

The research report should contain aBackground Sectionthat providesa synthesisof key points from their report on project-based assignment part one. This section should highlight the key features of the case study organization that are perceived to be important factors in shaping the ability of the case study organization to attract and retain high quality staff.

The report must contain aDiscussion Sectionshould address four specific questions:

  1. Discuss the research literature on how an organization can become an employer of choice and how this may effect an organization’s ability to attract and retain high quality employees (drawing upon the research literature)?
  2. Discuss the extent to which the case study organization is perceived to adopt a contemporary approach to attracting and retaining high quality employees including the extent to which recruitment and selection processes appear to reflect industry best practice (for example, see Commonwealth of Australia, 2015,Unlocking Potential If Not us, who? If not now, when?Australian Public Service Workforce Management Contestability Review), and whether the case study organization could be perceived as an employer of choice in its industry sector (drawing on the research literature)?
  3. Discuss the perceived benefits of effective alignment and integration of leadership development and talent management (drawing on the research literature)?
  4. Discuss the opportunity for practice improvement in relation to the case study organization’s alignment and integration of leadership development and talent management (drawing on the research literature)?

The report must contain aFindings and Conclusions Section.The findings address what was found from the research literature on leadership development and talent management, and the conclusions address why this is perceived to be significant for the organizational effectiveness of the case study organization?

The report must also contain aRecommendations Section. The Recommendation Section should be ‘action oriented’ and must addresses improvements in leadership development and talent management and what form any improvements might take? Such improvements must have the potential to have benefit for employers and employees. The recommendations must draw from and be consistent with theDiscussion Sectionand theFindings and Conclusions Sectionof the report.

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Human Resource Management
Table of Contents
The present research report focuses on the different areas of the human resource such as HRD strategy, leadership development and talent management processes within the selected company named Attorney-General’s Department. The department is mainly responsible for the development of policies and programs that helps in maintaining Australian justice and law framework. The report highlights the key workforce management challenges faced by the department while conducting its operations and what sort of improvement can be done in the overall practices for the welfare of the department (Chalofsky, Rocco and Mo
is, 2015). Another area that has been covered in the report involves the integration of talent management and the leadership development within the Attorney-General’s department so that workforce can be managed in most appropriate manner and in turn public operations can be conducted in the proper manner. Some of the present challenges that are faced involve rising work pressure, the absence of motivational tools within the workplace, lack of focus on employee development and other form of areas that employee considers as most important. So, all these points have been covered in the report, and they are supported with literature review.
Attorney-General’s Department conducts all the business operations on the wider basis, and this is the main reason due to which a large number of employees are required for conducting overall operations. Further, one of the main criteria that is undertaken by the firm is workforce planning and this one of the main strength (Spa
ow and Makram, 2015). The department has clearly identified the key roles that require expertise and the main focus is on targeting more diverse expertise. Apart from this, the senior officials also focus on enhancing the leadership capabilities.
Further, it has been identified that lack of clarity is present in the roles and responsibilities of the different individuals in the department. Internal tension exists in relation with the non-legal and the legal skills that sets the need of the department in the best possible manner. One of the main strength of the Attorney-General’s Department is that its staff members are intrinsically motivated and in turn, the development opportunities that are present with the individuals is through active participation in the taskforces. So, this directly contributes a lot in satisfying the development need of the people that are working in the department. At present, the main need that has been raised is linked with aligning the future workforce planning with the priorities of the government, and this is significantly important.
Generally, the presence of motivation and the employee development activities that are undertaken within the Attorney-General’s Department contributes a lot in retaining and attracting the best talent within the workplace (Boselie and Thunnissen, 2017). Further, it is a well-known fact that when any organization focuses on motivating and development of its workforce, then the ultimate results are favourable like it leads to an attraction of the highly skilled staff members and can help the entire department to focus on the accomplishment of its desired goals and objectives.
As per view of Halligan (2018) human resource practices plays the most important role in every organization. Further, for any organization to become the employer of choice, it is necessary to undertake effective motivational tools such as providing the reward to the employees on the basis of work done by them such as incentives and other form of benefits. Through this employees are attracted towards any...

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