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power point slides with report of 2000 is Strong v Woolworths Ltd [2012] HCA 5

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power point slides with report of 2000 is

Strong v Woolworths Ltd [2012] HCA 5

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Sangeeta answered on May 08 2020
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Strong v Woolworths Limited [2012]
Strong v Woolworths Limited [2012]
Case Introduction
The appellant faced severe spinal injury at the time when she slipped as well as fell while being present at the Centro Shopping Complex located within Taree (Blue, 2012). 
When she fell Mrs Strong was in the sidewalk sales region external to the entrance of the Big Woolworths outlet that was under the control and care of the company i.e. the first plaintiff (Time Base, 2012). 
The plaintiff was disabled having her right leg already amputated above the knee region few years prior to the events.
Facts of Case
Mrs Strong sued Woolworths as well as the shopping centre occupier (Time Base, 2012).
She was successful against Woolworths nevertheless was unsuccessful in case of the occupier. 
Additionally, Woolworths appealed the particular decision to the Court of Appeal based upon the fact that primary judge hadn’t considered causation.
For the reason that there existed no direct proof as to exactly when the chip had fallen on the floor within the sidewalk region, the Court resolved that it was expected that the...

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