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please read it carefully .

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Assessment ONE for ENT308
1500 to 2000 words
NO PDFs!!!!!!!
Due 1 September XXXXXXXXXX59PM
Review the Ed Sheeran vs Marvin Gaye dispute on ‘Thinking out loud’ and ‘Lets Get it On’
Take the view the two songs are different. Why should Ed Sheeran win the case?
Does Ed Sheeran copy other people’s material?
As we have discussed in the lectures music is a massive industry. Some artists are making hundreds of million dollars every year with their music. However, the industry is full of legal cases.
People have attempted to sue Ed Sheeran several times for music copyright. In one case more than $100 million!!!
In this essay express your view on Ed Sheeran’s work. What do you think, and most important why? Do you think that there is always going to be copyright problems in the music industry? Why? How is the music industry different to other industries?
Look at other artists, do they have the same problem that Ed Sheeran has? Or is he unique?
Do other industries also have similar issues?
Have fun with it.
I will go through the instructions in the lectures. And also, we can work on the writing during the lectures to help you in writing skills.
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Ayan answered on Aug 26 2023
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