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Power point presentation on any topic related to business communication 20 to 30 slides

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Power point presentation on any topic related to business communication 20 to 30 slides
Answered Same Day Apr 13, 2020


Sundeep answered on Apr 16 2020
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Strategies which ensure Success !
Communication Strategies
Is not an “anyone can do it if you have to” task.
An ongoing exchange of information (iterative process):

A plan of action designed to achieve a vision.
All about gaining a position of advantage over adversaries or best exploiting emerging possibilities.
A detailed plan for achieving success in situations such as war, politics, business, industry or sport.
elevant to audiences
integral to the stages of the policy process
conducted on a formal or informal basis
Written document – not just in people’s heads
Collaboration between the project leader(s) and the communications professional(s)
A reference document against which to judge progress
Contains clear and measurable objectives
Identifies relevant audiences
A plan of activities and a timetable
Identifies resources – financial and people
A well thought out or carefully devised plan for
oadcasting differences
A means of elaborating how we network, participate & interact with the world (e.g. to influence policy)
Is not an optional or fringe plan to be left to junior personnel or consultants (out-sourced)
Communication Strategy
Difficult to measure activities not planned and organised
More reactive than proactive communication
Random activities not well thought out
Duplicating efforts
Mis /un-targeted messaging
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What if Communication Strategy is NOT present

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