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Policy Analysis CAPTA I need a 8 page policy analysis on CAPTA I have attached 2 previous essays on CAPTA which it has to be incorporated to the analysis, most of the answers are on the 2 essays...

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Policy Analysis CAPTA

I need a 8 page policy analysis on CAPTA I have attached 2 previous essays on CAPTA which it has to be incorporated to the analysis, most of the answers are on the 2 essays attached.

Describe the problems that first necessitated the policy, provide historical background of the policy, describe the details of the policy, and briefly comment on how the policy has succeeded or failed to achieve its stated goals

You will draw onat least5 academic sources, including books, articles, government and non-profit websites. You are expected to provide correct APA in text citations and references, and you will be graded on these.

Please follow the outline below. A specific number of points will be awarded for each section of the paper, so to get a good grade you must address each section. Additional points will also be awarded for writing/grammar, appropriate content, and conceptualization. Creative title and/or use of quotes and pictures that make your paper more meaningful will also earn points towards your grade. A grading rubric based on the paper outline will be returned to you with your paper.


Outline:please include all topics in this outline

(Following the section lengths here will give you a paper that is 5.5 pages long, excluding references)

1. Introduction- what policy will you be looking at and why is it important to social work?(1 paragraph)

2. Please describe the social problem that necessitated this policy, what social problem is the policy intended to address. (Hint: this is a good place to include data that shows the extent of a social problem, you may use charts make sure you cite your sources)(1 page)

3. Historical Background of the Policy- how did the policy come to be adopted? Who was for it, and who was against it. Which previous policies did it build upon, if any? Please include any significant details about the passage/adoption(2.5pages)

4. Describe the policy:(3pages)

​-how is it expected to work?Any “theory”or scientific basis for the policy?

​-what does it provide?

​-who is covered and how?

​-how will it be implemented?

​-expected outcomes and goals

​-administrative auspices (who is responsible for administering the policy)

​-how is it funded?

5. Has the policy been successful? Describe successes and failures (Hint: this is another place to use data or empirical studies) (1 page)

6. Conclusions (1 paragraph)

7. References (minimum 5)

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Running Head: Social Welfare Policy
Social Welfare Policy: CAPTA
Student’s Name
    CAPTA stands for Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act which focuses over the social problem of neglecting and abusing children in the American society. The representation of the given social problem is for all ages, genders, ethnicities and race of the country with having any immunity for any particular group of the society. It has been revealed by the report of 2015 Child Maltreatment Report that there has been rise in the refe
als of child abuse from the count of 3.6 million to around 4 million in the year 2015. Also, there has been rise in the number of deaths of children due to neglect and abuse to around 1,670 in the same year which was 1,580 in the year 2014. In few reports, the estimation of the report is that the fatalities of the child abuse was 1,740 or may be higher than that (Bureau, 2012).
The social problem of child abuse cut across almost all the areas of the American society. The problem can be combat by the federal funding statutes on the basis of influences of the efforts of the states. The primary statute of child abuse and neglect is called as the Child Protection Law which basically proves the authority to the state agency for further investigation of the cases of abused children so that appropriate actions can be taken to protect the interest of the victims.
In view of such legislative policy action, there has been enactment of the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) on 31st January, 1974. Although, the act was amended many times after its enactment and its last reauthorization happened on December 20, 2010. However, the have been few more amendments on May 29, 2015 on the basis of the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015. Thereafter, changes were made on July 22, 2016 on the basis of Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016 (Child Abuse Statistics, 2016).
Source: Statista, 2017
Historical background of Policy
In order to prevent, support, prosecute and investigate the activities of child abuse and neglect, CAPTA works for the provision of federal funding to the nonprofit organizations and public agencies in order to demonstrate the programs for handling the projects. There are other identification roles of CAPTA which helps in activities of data collection, assistance of technical issues, evaluation purposes and research activities so that there is proper flow of information to the office of CAPTA. According to the federal definition of child abuse and neglect as mentioned in the year 2015, it includes any child who is a victim of trafficking of sexual abuse in severe forms.
The protective proceedings would be able to provide the protection to the child in terms of mainly the tangible injuries but the harm to the child is much more than the given tangible injuries for the lifetime due to harassment that he or she has gone through. It reduces the potential of the children to completely comprehend the interests through balancing of their mind and safeguarding their interests. During the proceedings of child protection, legal protection for their rights is must to reduce the psychological impact over abused children.
Coverage and implementation of policy
According to CAPTA legislation, the age that has been set for the response over the reporting of the case of abusing or neglect is 18 years. The law committee has least idea about handling the reports of the cases of abuse or neglect in which there is involvement of the older teens over which the practices are being undertaken by the child protection agency. The problem with CAPTA is that it also limits down the terminology used under the name of “abuse and neglect”. It means only those acts will be involved in which there...

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