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Offer constructive feedback and professionally inquire and pose challenges to the strategies presented by these discussions. The intended outcome these discussions are to PROMPTly to think differently...

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Offer constructive feedback and professionally inquire and pose challenges to the strategies presented by these discussions. The intended outcome these discussions are to PROMPTly to think differently about the strategies illustrated from a different lens. Often time capability and competence is an extract of perspective. Prompt thought given our various backgrounds and

Provide constructive feedback and inquiry in two paragraphs for the I & II,

speak to Key Performance Indicators established or necessary to accomplish respective strategies.

respond should be two paragraphs for I and two paragraphs for II. Please try to use different wordings and not copy and paste.

I- The different types of strategies that my industry deployed to overcome the odds are to increase the landing page visit, increase content, leveraging short form content, leveraging internal experts in technology, and creating a hub for ITDMs. The main goal for Company A is to increase their visits to the Workforce Solutions page. In order to complete the goal the company needed to create content. A social media campaign was created. This campaign leverages short form content on multiple social media platforms (i.e TikTok, LinkedIn, and Reddit).

In order to create content for the social media campaign, I had to look on multiple B2B platforms. These platforms are Reddits and LinkedIn. These platforms are not only the two largest social media for B2B marketing but ITDMs are on the platform as. I was able to find many influencers in the IT industry and find what kind of content they are producing. The type of content are short form videos, blogs, podcasts and whitepages. Once the analysis was complete I was able to predict how this can potentially affect Company A.

In the campaign I had made a possible calendar that Company A social media team can use. They can increase the company's present social media. They can create blogs that highlight the many important IT trends. ITDMs prefer to read articles and blogs based on what news from certain companies. Since most ITDMs are on B2B platforms, Company A wants to try to connect with ITBMs on TikTok. A pilot will be tested to see if it will be successful.

Overall, at Company A a new strategy was created. This is to target ITDMs at SMBs. The goal is to build the company's presence on B2B social media platforms. Each social media platform will have a direct link to the landing page. The landing page is redesigned with new and updated content. The usage of internal experts will be more cost effective and they won't have to go create a new budget. This strategy will replace the old landing page that had too many clicks to the whitepages. This will also replace locked documents and pdfs. The new landing page will facilitate a more easy customer journey for all ITDMs.

II- In reflection, our corporate strategies implementation consisted of the following:1: Redesigned the business development organizational structure to forge a new way of doing business (i.e., formalized account and horizontal team collaborations).This was an important strategy so that staff could see where they fit in the ecosystem of the new business development organization. Key performance indicators were applied such as the number of vertical accounts an individual delivered their specific capabilities or the number of new business capture opportunities supported inclusive of their capabilities which were then included in their annual performance assessment goals. The actual design of the organization included the creation of vertical account teams for customer markets that the company decided were addressable markets for our capabilities. Each vertical team was led by a senior business development leader. Created horizontal teams accountable for capability offerings that traverse across each vertical account team providing a defined core set of services. Each horizontal team was led by a senior functional leader.

2: Updated corporate human resource and business development policies to reflect the redesign, along with staff survey responses prior to finalization.For the new organizational structure, corporate policies need to be revised so that everyone in the organization is clear on the firm's expectations of business development, performance assessments, training, capability development, promotions, and total compensation in support of business development.

3: Partnered capability leaders with business development leaders to foster understanding of vertical accounts, and client markets.Business development leaders had relationships and understanding of their customers. Capability leads new functional areas but is unfamiliar with new clients. To address this gap, we paired the leaders together for an "over the shoulder" approach to help capability leads better understand the buying behavior of the clients, pain points, appetite for new capabilities, and how to best sell capabilities in these markets.4: Included business development metrics in account leaders' and functional leaders' annual performance assessments.To ensure the leadership of the horizontal and vertical account teams adhered to, and managed, the new organizational design we included business development metrics in their annual performance assessments which directly impacted their annual salary and bonus payouts. We also made sure that promotions were contingent on showing significant evidence of leading the account teams consistent with our new system.

5: Aligned the new business development organizational system to existing company key performance indicators.As previously shared, as an employee-owned company there is a very mature culture of accountability; the more money the company makes, the more employees can make through their Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The company has three key results 1) Achieve Gross Bookings of $500M; 2) Submit proposals with a value of at least $1B; and 3) Achieve year-end Adjusted Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (AEBITDA) of $600M. These metrics are tracked on a year-to-date basis with monthly reporting; we then compare our year-to-date actual results to the year-to-date plan. These metrics have traceability to our business development organizational system given they are the drivers to create new opportunities for client engagements (i.e., ensuring sustained growth).

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    I - The plan presented for Company A's Workforce Solutions page is thorough and takes use of the most recent developments in digital marketing. Establishing precise Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will direct and assess the performance of this campaign is essential to ensuring its efficacy. First and foremost, boosting landing page visitors is a great objective, but true success measurement requires quantitative measures. Without properly defined KPIs, it can be difficult to determine whether a campaign is succeeding in its intended goals (Sharma et al.,). For instance, using short-form material on sites like TikTok, LinkedIn, and Reddit is mentioned in the conversation. KPIs including click-through rates (CTR), engagement rates, and conversion rates should be defined in order to evaluate the efficacy of this strategy. These stats will reveal how effectively the content connects with the intended audience and how effective it is in directing visitors to the landing page. A potential tactic was also mentioned about the use of IT sector influencers. The conversation is lacking information on how these influencers will be chosen, paid, and their performance would be monitored. Establishing KPIs for influencer cooperation, such as the quantity of leads generated by influencers or the growth in social media followers, is crucial for a successful influencer campaign. It's difficult to effectively calculate the ROI of influencer marketing without these KPIs (Bodó & Balázs).
    Additionally, although the planned TikTok pilot is a fascinating concept, there are no clear KPIs in place to gauge its performance. What, for example, are the criteria for success on TikTok, and...

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