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Please see attachment. Can you quote for improving the below feedback:-You address some of the required questions and provide some good explanations of possible challenges and explain how these could...

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Please see attachment. Can you quote for improving the below feedback:-You address some of the required questions and provide some good explanations of possible challenges and explain how these could be addressed. Your work was quite well structured and developed with relevant sub headings based on the guidance that I provided class. You engage well with text-book academic and peer reviewed literature from the start. Good sources from learned journals are vitally important. Continue to sew and weave lit and theory to develop a critical review within the context of the proposal so that you can continue to unearth and address gaps in the literature pertaining to your topic. Starting to show how your approach fits in with the overall research design, but clarification needed. Once a questionnaire is included, it shifts from purely Qual to mm. So you need to explicitly state your approach (i.e. Mixed Methods – Exploratory Sequential) and then discuss this in comparison to other mm designs. Show off your knowledge-base in the proposal. For instance, how does it relate to convergent triangulation-based mm designs or explanatory sequential designs; and why was yours most suitable? Some insights emerging into how you intend to undertake qual and quants analysis. Showed that you also considered other options alongside Case Study i.e but you can reframe to say that none offers what Case Sudy offers and explain more why it is a good fit for the qual element of the MM process. Seeing some of this which is good. Do you really need to introduce another qualitative design in Content Analysis? Case Study based tools are sufficient. Will the Case Study beIntrinsic. Instrumental. ○r Collective? Illustrate your knowledge and metaphorically kill the alternatives. For the quants part, continue showing an understanding of links between some survey items and the literature constructs, and continue to show in more detail the point of integration between qual and quants (when they collide and how they are used to support one another). So basic descriptive statistical analysis will be used before any inferential stats analysis? So, you can use Excel or SPSS for analyzing the quants data. Good how you consider how to code and analyse the qualitative data and discuss about the process of analyzing qual data, but try to compare with other qual analysis strategies such as GT i.e. line by line coding, axial coding, selective coding. Continue to develop the sampling strategy in the light of the literature. For the survey element (quants) I ask students to have at least 35 respondents. Qual element of a mixed methods study should have approx. 2 focus group interviews of 6-8 participants (max); or 6-8 face to face interviews. So you are on track. Overall, you develop some good arguments, but should continue to support your developments with a wider array of academic sources and concepts derived from refereed journals articles. Continue to focus more also on the ethical implications, but again, some good insights emerging and you have done so well to get to this stage.
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David answered on Nov 30 2019
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Designing a Data Analysis and Presentation Plan
The aim of this paper is to present a draft plan for analysis of motivating employees within a Financial Shared Service Centre, ensuring that they stay as employees – this means stability for the centre and individual growth for the employee.
The proposed title of the research will be:
Motivation and Staff Retention in Financial Shared Services.
How can employee motivation and retention be achieved?
What are the repercussions caused by a lack of motivation and poor retention rates of employees?
Why is retention and employee motivation important?
Can it be considered that the suggestions and the feedback given by employees are closely associated to the motivation levels?
How can the poor retention rates be tackled in an organization?
What are the different approaches the management can consider to lure the employees and retaining them?
How employee motivation is better measured?
Does willingness in expressing disagreement with the supervisors is related to the increased motivation level?
Possible Challenges & Manner They Can Be Addressed
The possible challenges are attributed to the increase in the motivational levels amongst employees. The challenges posed with respect to the motivational level amongst the employees in the financial shared service centre are attributed to the retention. With the retention rates really low for the service centre coupled with the low morale and productivity of employees is a concern (Imran, M., 2017; Kultalahti, S., & Liisa Viitala, R., 2014; Pe
y, J. L., & Vandenabeele, W., 2015; Fernet, C., Trépanier, S. G., Austin, S., Gagné, M., & Forest, J., 2015). The productivity level amongst the employees is not able to improvise and the impact on the margins is greatly felt. The challenges can be well addressed by
inging in the appropriate strategies that can aid in improvising the cu
ent morale and motivational level amongst employees. Greater interaction and enhanced communication between the employees need to be targeted so that their worth and recognition is well taken into account (Imran, M., 2017; Kultalahti, S., & Liisa Viitala, R., 2014; Pe
y, J. L., & Vandenabeele, W., 2015; Fernet, C., Trépanier, S. G., Austin, S., Gagné, M., & Forest, J., 2015). The feedback and suggestions from the various employees is crucial too. The concern faced and the challenges witnessed can be well taken care by adopting the safety and the welfare of the employees. This would aid in
inging about greater advancement in the confidence levels. The participative style of management has to be adopted. This would ensure that the employees are able to express their view points and their perceptions also would be considered. The feedback of the employees stands to be significant and the same once taken into account by the management would aid in enhancing the productivity levels and the motivation in turn (Imran, M., 2017; Kultalahti, S., & Liisa Viitala, R., 2014; Pe
y, J. L., & Vandenabeele, W., 2015; Fernet, C., Trépanier, S. G., Austin, S., Gagné, M., & Forest, J., 2015). The encouragement of the employee communication with a two way approach adopted is significant. This too would lead to the better performance and the improved culture dynamics prevalent in the cu
ent environment. A sound personnel policy to be implemented for the employees with greater encouragement provisioned for them with host of other welfare activities for them along with their families can make lot of a difference. The career prospects too for them need to be channelized and the suitable actions taken into consideration by the management.
Collection & Analysis of Data – Method Used:
Case Study
The proposed methodology to be adopted in this investigation is that of a case study, advocated by a number of methodological experts such as Ge
ing (2006) and Yin (2009; 2013). As the term suggests, case study research involves the detailed examination of a specific organization, or potentially direct comparison of two or more organizations, focusing on a particular aspect of their activity or operations. This investigation naturally lends itself to case study research as it intends to concentrate on a specific single organization, one financial SSC in Central America, with a view to subsequently
oadening the reach of the investigation on the basis of findings. Case study research as a methodological technique is widely supported in research literature, with many academics using it as a basis for exploratory research to investigate novel research problems (Collis and Hussey, 2013).
As this research is exploratory, to investigate why it is that cu
ent approaches to motivation and retention are not working effectively, focusing on a single case study organization is considered to be appropriate. The purpose of the research being considered exploratory sequential mixed methods associated with the design takes into consideration the gathering and the collection of data basis the case study of collective nature (Pluye, P., & Hong, Q. N., 2014; Palinkas, L. A., Horwitz, S. M., Green, C. A., Wisdom, J. P., Duan, N., & Hoagwood, K., 2015; Larkin, P. M., Begley, C. M., & Devane, D., 2014). The collective quantitative data helps in ascertaining the needed relationship too. The investigation that is linked is with relation to non-working of the cu
ent adopted measures in the motivation of the employees .With retention levels standing too low, the focus being on the concerned organization stands to be crucial. In comparison to the other prevalent mixed methods in the study of the motivational levels amongst the employees, the cu
ent adopted stands to be unique with the elements pertaining to the Frederick Herzberg's theory of motivation to a greater level. The factors that are closely associated to the grounded theory are well incorporated (Pluye, P., & Hong, Q. N., 2014; Palinkas, L. A.,...

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