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You have used many systems and processes to gather and organise important organisational information. Now look at researching and analysing the information. Esther Smithers has outlined a vision for...

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You have used many systems and processes to gather and organise important organisational information. Now look at researching and analysing the information.
Esther Smithers has outlined a vision for the company and there are several research opportunities available in the scenario.
Scenario and organisational requirements are listed on page 2 & 3
You are required to prepare report based on your research. Your report must be set out clearly, and contain the following:
· At least one clear objective for your research within CA City Department store.
· How are your objectives consistent with organisational requirements – the specific needs of the organisation?
· Which research strategies could you consider to support your research?
· How will you ensure the validity and relevance of data and research strategies in line with research requirements of the research for CA City’s Department Store?
· How will you ensure the data and research strategies make efficient use of available resources in line with the research requirements?
· Certain data has already been provided for you. Provide a minimum of two examples of additional sources of data to help your research?
· What search tools will you use for your online research? Explain, using examples of the key words and phrases you used. You must refer to Boolean operators at least once in your response.
· Choose data analysis methods that are reliable and appropriate for your research purpose? Explain your answer with the help of at least one example of data analysis technique you applied to your data.
· All recommendations, assumptions and conclusions must be justifiable, supported with evidence and consistent with research and business objectives. Use your data analysis to explain your response.
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You are Hans Konig, Head of Operations. You work with Esther Smithers, Managing Director on her vision for CA City Department Store.
Esther needs your help and has asked you to choose an areas of the business to research and present recommendations for improvement. You have some background information to consider and there are several areas open for your research:
· The Department Store cares what their customers believe. Customer surveys are critical to the planning and research for the Department Store. The results of the last customer satisfaction survey are included in the appendix.
· You have noticed over the past year that competitor department stores have increased trading hours for the period leading up to Christmas.
· Esther wants CA City Department Store to become a national department store. She is passionate about this and is always working on new initiatives for improving standards.
· Competitors are performing well as national businesses. Research other retail department stores to understand how they became successful organisations. Consider other sources to help your research. http:
You decide need to choose one of the following areas to analyse and research information to determine if:
There is a business case for offering extended opening hours up to Christmas.
There are other ideas from your competition you should be using.
There are issues from the customer survey you can investigate and repair.
The following requirements have been set down by the organisation.
    Organisational Requirements
    Accuracy, validity, reliability.
    Must have information from accurate, reliable, valid and credible sources. Suitable sources can include:
· Government websites and fact sheets.
· Referenced business materials.
· Referenced industry or competitor data.
    Management and accountability channels.
    See the attached organisational chart to understand the hierarchy of control.
    Legislation. CA City Retail Group adheres to all relevant legislation.
    Mandatory privacy rules su
ounding the management of sensitive information. A national set of privacy principles covers how a business handles personal information, including the:
· handling and processing of personal information
· use of personal information for direct marketing
· disclosure of personal information to people overseas.
    Copyright legislation.
Anti-discrimination will not be tolerated in any form.
    Procedures for updating records.
    Will maintain strict version control and filing systems. All documents are to be saved using your name in the header and date in the footer.
    Quality assurance/ procedures manuals.
    Research quality assurance:
All documents must be referenced to prove accuracy, credibility and to allow access and confirmation.
    Security and confidentiality.
    will not share confidential information and adheres to the Privacy Laws. All documents must ca
y version control.
Appropriate security access will be in place for all users in the organisation.
    Ethical considerations
    abides by the Code of Ethics.
Our principles include honesty, integrity, promise keeping, loyalty, fairness, caring, respect for others, legality, commitment to excellence, leadership, reputation, accountability and avoiding conflicts of interest.
    Style guide requirements
    Use the logo provided in the scenario on all reports.
Use Cali
i 11 point black for body text.
Headings to be Blue 14 point.
    Full report to Esther Smithers
Summary and recommendations to all department managers.
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Ritika answered on Apr 23 2020
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The case scenario is somewhat like this where I am doing the role play of Head of Operations Hans Konig working in CA City Department Store. The decisions as laid down by the customers for survey related purposes need to be investigated and changes if any should be incorporated for better working. Customer survey report is crucial for the growth and development of the store. With the availability of true and co
ect figures in the customer survey report, it is...

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