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please choose your own topic and please use minimum 8 sources... I'm not sure about the reference style , but I've attached the screenshot of the reference page of the sample pdf. And, please...

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please choose your own topic and please use minimum 8 sources... I'm not sure about the reference style , but I've attached the screenshot of the reference page of the sample pdf. And, please when the work is finished by wednesday, please attached the 8 source files that you used to do this term paper..
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Perla answered on Dec 12 2021
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Running Head: Global Warming
Title: Global Warming
Student Name and Id:
Course Name and Id: Business Writing 211
Instructor: Kathy Staden
3Executive summary
4Discussion of Findings:
5Possible consequences of the global warming:
8Some of the possible immediate recommendations:
Executive summary
Global warming is the problem of increase in the global mean temperatures. Increase in temperatures can lead to catastrophic changes to the life and plants on the earth. The cu
ent report is based on scholarly literature, on the causes of the global warming, consequences of the same, the cu
ent level of international co-operation and strategies to mitigate global warming. Further the report presented with a detailed overview of the cu
ent objectives on global level in mitigating the global warming phenomena and also there is detailed set of recommendations provided for mitigating the Global warming. The recommendations are provided both for voluntary compliance at individual stakeholder level as well as at international communities and nations level.
One of the negative consequences of global civilization progression is pollution in the form of green house gas emissions. The rate of gas emissions increased tremendously in the recent times. GHG do have direct impact over the ozone layer depletion and subsequent increase in the global temperatures. The average mean temperature of the planet when increased can have range of catastrophic implications to the living being on the planet. Ice glacier melting, rise in the ocean water levels, Deforestation, failure of agriculture in some typical tropical islands of the planet like sub Saharan and the MENA region etc. Global warming is also dangerous to the habitation in the regions which are already warmer like Sub Saharan African countries. Also it is possible that there can be extreme heat waves, which can impact the life and crops on the planet. The desert spreads are also expected to grow. Global warming is already found by direct evidence and the growth of global warming is also shooting up. As of now, all the nations of the world are taking up appropriate measures to curtail the global warming on the planet. There are several coalitions formed to curtail the global warming. One of the chief concerns is to curtail the global mean surface temperature increase rate. Intergovernmental plan for climate change (IPCC) is working out to set strategic objectives to cu
the global mean surface temperatures. The following part of the report will discuss in detail what makes up the global warming.
The report tries to emphasize on the chief concerns and causes responsible for the formation of the Global warming on the planet. This in turn will identify the domains and focus areas that need to be considered for restricting the global warming. Further the
ief insights into the possible consequences of global warming are presented. Further the report is intended to present with the details of the coalitions of the organizations formed in the recent times at intergovernmental level and will provide insights into the strategic operational plans and targets devised. Finally the report intends to present with set of recommendations for immediate action of diverse stakeholders in the context of restricting the global warming.
Discussion of Findings:
Global warming can be due to variety of reasons like due to the excessive growth of the green house gases on the planet as immediate consequence of the industrialization. Industrialization has resulted in the increase in the emissions, which actually will abso
the radiation in the atmosphere and results in warming the overall the earth atmospheric temperature. Apart from industrialization, extensive usage of the transportation applications on the planet resulted in contribution to severe emissions into the atmosphere of the planet, which resulted in increased accumulation of ca
on dioxide, methane and other hydro ca
ons. Emissions of CFC into the atmosphere by usage of variety of the energy appliances and industrial process have increased in the recent years, which...

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