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Planning to improve your essay writing. Value : 10% Due date : Sunday 25th March 2018 Length : 500 words Submission method : EASTS Before attempting the following this assessment you are expected to...

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Planning to improve your essay writing.

Value: 10%

Due date: Sunday 25th March 2018

Length: 500 words

Submission method: EASTS

Before attempting the following this assessment you are expected to view and make use of the information in the brief videos below. These videos will help you to develop a meaningful plan and also, write your introductory paragraph.
ALLaN Help with literacy skills videos will be found in Interact 2 EEB XXXXXXXXXXResources.

• Managing time management
• Reading & comprehension strategies
• Writing an intro & conclusion
• Structuring writing

Link: .

You will be developing a plan and writing an introductory paragraph based on Assignment 2. For your convenience the Assignment 2 task is repeated here:

The beginning modules introduce some ideas about society’s perceptions of wellness and wellbeing. These modules also discuss the factors that can influence children's attainment of both these conditions.

This assignment has three components:

What is your understanding of wellness and wellbeing?

Using some of the health model perspectives and health related theories in your readings, discuss three factors that can influence a child's attainment of wellness. Social and media aspects as they relate to health issues must be included as one of these factors. In your discussion, you must also consider issues of equity as per Module 3 and associated readings.

How can early childhood programmes support children and families towards improving their wellness and wellbeing in relation to the issues you have selected?

Part A (300 words)

Draw up an essay plan for Assignment 2 Wellness and Wellbeing essay using the format below.

• A few dot points that tells us what we can expect to be reading about.

• Response to question one (what is your understanding of wellness and wellbeing): Dot point your ideas
• Discuss factor 1: Dot point your ideas
• Discuss factor 2: Dot point your ideas
• Discuss factor 3: Dot point your ideas
• Response to final question (early childhood strategies): Dot point your ideas

• A few dot points that summarise what we have just been reading about.

Task B (200 words)

Write an introduction for the Wellness and Wellbeing essay. Your introduction will contain an opening sentence, an outline of what you will address in your essay (based on the three factors you have chosen to discuss) and a closing sentence that will summarise the aim of your essay.

Resources to assist you construct your introduction are located in Interact 2 EEB XXXXXXXXXXResources.

Please be aware that at this point in time your proposed plan will only cover the information in your readings up to and including Week 4. These readings are outlined for you in the study schedule in the EEB309 Subject Outline. However after the Assignment 1 submission date, as you continue with your readings in preparation for Assignment 2 you may well prefer to change one or more of your three factors or other aspects of your plan. Changes of this nature to your plan are to be expected. If in doubt about this, please discuss your intentions with your tutor.

Post your assignment in EASTS.


This Assignment is designed for the beginning university student. The task assists students to study the "Wellness and Wellbeing" materials with a focus, and to critically analyse their reading at an early stage. It assists the student to understand Assignment 2 for this subject. The student has the opportunity to improve essay writing skills to reach an appropriate academic level for assessment submissions/writing.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this subject, students will

• understand the concepts of wellness and wellbeing from a health model and how this pertains to the early childhood context;
• analyse the social and media aspects related to health issues;
• reflect on the social value placed on wellness and wellbeing and how this influences educators' perspectives on teaching practice in early childhood settings.

The feedback to the student will enable the student to write the second assignment more successfully building overall confidence for their study journey.

Marking criteria

High Distinction
Is exceptional, complete, and comprehensive.

Is excellent, complete, and comprehensive.

Is good, complete, and comprehensive.

Is complete and meets assessment criteria.

Is incomplete and does not meet assessment criteria.

1. Plan: Successfully used the required four CSU videos on essay writing in Module 2 to present a detailed essay plan that appears to (1) develop logically & (2) addresses all aspects of the required task.

5 marks

As for previous category plus:

Plan shows likelihood of strong conceptual links within a meaningful progression of ideas & arguments from intro to conclusion.

Three key issues are highly pertinent and clearly result from a thorough reading of the required literature

As for previous category plus:

Student shows a strong grasp of the task eg intends to explore basic concepts/terms and plans to make continued use of them. As such the student shows intent to go beyond mere definitions of terms
Student’s plan is in accordance with this understanding and consistently shows intentions of analytical/probing thinking.

As for previous category plus:

Student shows a clear understanding of the task as is
Student’s plan shows a logically connected essay could result.
Intro is planned to be succinct and doesn’t try to cover too much
Conclusion will conclude and not merely repeat previous comments. (It’s not expected that much detail can be given about the conclusion at this point.

Student’s plan shows a reasonable grasp of the set task yet would benefit from marker’s suggestions.
Student’s plan shows a workable progression of information from intro to conclusion at a basic level.
Three key issues identified from the readings – may need marker’s suggestions for improvement

Does not appear to understand set task as few to no aspects of it are addressed.

Student’s plan does not show a meaningful progression of information.

Poor ability to identify key issues from the readings

2. The sample paragraph demonstrates an appropriate level of English needed to construct a meaningful introductory paragraph in line with the Assignment 2 essay task. Student has also made a genuine attempt to reference the paragraph using APA guidelines.

5 marks

Introductory paragraph is intelligently articulated as the student introduces the focus of the essay and states her/his intended directions. That is, the student’s comments are thought provoking and will prompt a desire to continue reading.

English and referencing are excellent

Introductory paragraph is well crafted and is not too long.

Student’s comments indicate a strong grasp of the inter-relatedness of some or all of the content and how it will develop in the essay.

English and referencing are of a high standard

Introductory paragraph is succinct.

The student’s intentions are clearly stated and help to orientate the reader to what will be the essay focus
Written English is good with few to no errors.

Referencing is correct

The construction of the paragraph is acceptable at a basic level – marker’s suggestions are needed for improvement.

There are some grammatical errors in sentence structure and/or spelling but meaning is still clear. Improvement of these things as noted by the marker will be expected.

There is a reasonable attempt at referencing

Construction of the paragraph is poor.

Sentence construction or spelling is poor and meaning is frequently unclear.
Incorrect or no referencing


This Assignment is to be written as a Word document, saved as either a .doc or .docx file and submitted via EASTS. Please use a font size of 12 with 1.5 line spacing.

Please do not submit a PDF document.

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Soumi answered on Mar 08 2020
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Running Head: PLANNING TO IMPROVE ESSAY WRITING                1
Table of Contents
Part A:    3
Introduction    3
Body    3
Understanding of wellness and wellbeing    3
Three influential factors to attain child’s wellbeing    3
Early childhood strategies    3
Conclusion    4
Part B:    5
References    6
Part A:
· The essay outlines the concept of wellness and wellbeing among the humans, i
espective of different categorising factors such as gender, class, community and race.
· The essay highlights the fact that the wellbeing of children is considered as the ultimate priority at every level of society, be it family, institutions and governmental bodies.
· The different factors that determine the health of a child and attainment of their physical, as well as mental wellbeing have been adequately shed light on, in this essay.
Understanding of wellness and wellbeing
· The main body elucidates the idea of health, which is followed by the concept of wellness and wellbeing. According to McMu
ay and Clendon (2015), the health of an individual is determined by proper balance and the mind-body potential. Rose et al. (2017) stated that the scopes to reach the ultimate healthy condition of the body and mind is termed as wellness or wellbeing
Three influential factors to attain child’s wellbeing
· In this age of technological advancement, social media plays a crucial role to promote awareness among the parents about the illness and their remedies to attain the child’s wellness (Liamputtong, Fanany & Ve
inder, 2012).
· According to Anthon and Booth (2017), with the maintenance of equity, comes the proper distribution of healthcare facilities among the different strata of people in the society. However, as argued by Graham (2007), due to lack of...

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