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Persuasive Essay: Defending Your Research Topic and Question: Part 2 [WLOs: 1, 2, 3] Prior to beginning work on this assignment, please read the article by Vassallo (2002), Persuading Powerfully: Tips...

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Persuasive Essay: Defending Your Research Topic and Question: Part 2

[WLOs: 1, 2, 3]

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, please read the article by Vassallo (2002), Persuading Powerfully: Tips for Writing Persuasive Documents, and review the supplemental material titled Critical Thinking: A Guide to Skillful Reasoning(Links to an external site.).

Part 2

Prior to beginning this assignment, you must complete the Identify Your Research Question: Part 1 (Peer Feedback) discussion and have received feedback. Review the discussion threads you, your classmates, and your instructor posted. Make note of any constructive suggestions you can integrate into your own analysis of your research topic and question, and incorporate feedback from your instructor and classmates into your paper.

Navigate to this week’s discussion forum to review your feedback if necessary.

In a paper of at least 1,800 words (not including title, abstract, and reference pages), persuasively argue that your topic of interest and the specific research question you have identified are pertinent to your field of study and of interest to the broader academic and practitioner community. Build on material from your weekly Discussion Forums and the feedback from your classmates and your instructor to address the following:

  • Analyze the over-arching topic you are interested in and what justifies your research question, basing your analysis on the information you have gathered on the topic throughout this course. Cite literature you have found that explores, studies, or debates critical aspects of the topic or question.
  • Create a compelling argument that reinforces why you believe your topic is relevant to your field of study, and why your research question is important to answer, using principles of persuasive writing.
  • Assess the audience for a research study on your topic of interest, describing who might be interested in the answer to your research question.
    • Analyze how practitioners might use the answer to your research question to improve client service or to advance understanding in your field of study
    • Predict how the results of a study to address your research question might be used.
  • Appraise how you as a researcher might overcome any ethical concerns that could be associated with conducting a study to address your research question.

Your paper should incorporate the following persuasive-writing elements:

  • A strong opening that engages and draws in your reader to the arguments you will make in your paper;
  • Powerful descriptors and arguments that identify and support your positions with respect to the topic and question you have identified;
  • Responses to anticipated questions or potential disagreement about the importance of your choice of topic or research question; and
  • Summary points that tie up loose ends and leave your reader with a clear picture of your position with respect to the topic of interest and research question you have selected.

The Defending Your Research Topic and Question paper

  • Must be at least 1,800 words in length (exclusive of abstract, title and reference pages), and formatted according to the Ashford Writing Center’s APA Style(Links to an external site.)
  • Incorporate at least five scholarly sources (see Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources(Links to an external site.)).
  • Include title, abstract and reference pages in your paper.

Use resources listed in the Week 1 assignment to help you correctly format your paper.

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Abhishek answered on Aug 01 2021
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Running Head: PERSUASIVE ESSAY        1
The central theme of the research is based on female leadership in the corporates. The researchers have put forward two essential questions in the research study, such as ba
iers related to female leadership and the importance of organizational development and leadership among the female. These questions were asked by the researcher to get the most prominent result out of it.
The aim of this report is to reveal the relevance of the research questions on the topic and the extent, to which it properly sets up the mindset of the female leader. As the focus was on the ba
iers associated with female leadership, the results of the research allow it to be used in several other fields. The development of a corporation is based on the customers' engagement and the services provided to them.
The resource questions used by the researcher are well capable of setting up the base for the development of the future evolved client services. Ethics plays a significant part in the research. Therefore, the maintenance of the ethics and related issue of the ethics in the researcher is the vital thing for the researcher. The ethical issues faced by the researcher are well discussed as well as the tactics, with which it has been overcomes.
Table of Contents
Abstract    2
Research Question    4
Relevance of the Research Topic with the Field of Study    4
Significance of the Research Questions    4
Assessing the Audience of the Research Study    5
Utilization of Research Questions to Improve Client Services    5
Different Fields in which Research Results can be used    7
Overcoming Ethical Issues while Conducting the Research Studies    8
Integrity and Honesty    8
Carefulness    9
Confidentiality    9
Biases    9
References    10
Research Question
The research question is, “What is the most significant ba
ier to female leadership and what is the importance of organizational development and leadership among women?”
Relevance of the Research Topic with the Field of Study
The significance of the research relies on the understanding of the core of female leadership. The female leadership has become a debatable topic in the present scenario due to the emergence of the excellent women that comprise excellent leadership quality. The research is significant due to the understanding of the different parameters of the female leadership and its consequences in the world panorama. The excellent discussion on the organizational structure in the present time and its policies relevant to the topics has provided great insight (Fla
i, Macis, Moro & Schivardi, 2019).
At last, comprehensive knowledge regarding the issue has been provided in the research. The female of the society gets a much lower position in comparison to the men. The participation of the female is considered very much lower while comparing it to the men of the society. The sincere history of humankind will justify the facts that women are considered for performing the subordinate jobs of the men.
Leadership is a quality that is mostly attributed to men. The historical belief that women cannot be good leaders in the global chain comes from the different backward social stigma that has been put on the women. This backwardness is still so prevalent in the society that pulls back the opportunity of the women to become a leader and poses the leadership quality.
Significance of the Research Questions
Two important research questions have been asked by the researcher regarding the topic. The relevance of the issue lies in the understanding of the core of female leadership and its relation with organizational development and the research question makes it much more manageable. The discussion over the ba
iers of female leadership in the world panorama has its significance (Smith, Ortiz, Buhbe & van Vugt, 2018). The difficulties that women face in getting a higher position in the company as well as family life become a significant ba
ier for the women.
The two basic terms organizational development and leadership have been interlinked with each other through the research question that reflects the significance of it. The leadership requires meeting the prime objective of organizational development. To enhance the role of the female leaders in pursuing the goal shows the relevance of the question.
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