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Pack Student Assessment Pack BSBMKG506 - Plan MarketResearch FirstPublishedin2017 ThisAssessment Pack iscopyright toApeiro Institute. This assessment pack is developed by Apeiro Institute using...

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Student Assessment Pack

BSBMKG506 - Plan MarketResearch


ThisAssessment Pack iscopyright toApeiro Institute. This assessment pack is developed by Apeiro Institute using material purchased from Precision Group.




AtApeiro Institutewe like to write our gratitudeto Precision Group for their Valuable Training Resources.

The Copyright Act of 1968 of Australia allows a maximum of one chapter or 10% of this book, whichever is the greater, to be copiedby any educational institution.All rights reserved.

Except under the conditions described in the Copyright Act of 1968 no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise, without written permission from the owner.

Every effort has been made to trace and acknowledge copyright. However, should any infringement occur, the publishers tender their apologies andApeiro Instituteinvitescopyright owners to contactApeiro Institute at XXXXXXXXXX.

Instructionsfor students/learner

Before youcommence yourAssessment,ensure that youhave good knowledge ofthe subject, have thoroughly readtheLearner Resource, and clearly understand the Assessment requirements and the expectations of the Assessor.

You may be required to demonstrate knowledge and skills which may be difficult for the Assessor to witness. If so, an Evidence Record is supplied which will allow the knowledge or skill to be verified by at least one third party, and preferably two or more. These witnesses would usually be current or recent supervisors or your Assessor.

Explanations are given for each Task. If you have any questions, consult with your Assessor.

Any modifications/changes or amendments to this assessment should obtained in writing from your assessor. Your assessor may need to organise any additional documents or assessment in order to accommodate any given individual need and workplace requirements, if learners chose to work on his/her own simulated or real workplace based scenario. Any variation must be agreed by assessor in writing.

The assessment tasks may be answered using your business, the simulated business or a mixture of both as instructed by your Assessor.

Records must be kept of all aspects of the Assessment in your Learner Pack.


Therecord ofassessment isa legaldocument andmust be signed, dated, anda copy stored as required by Apeiro Institute.

Steps for Learners

1.Learners should be spending minimum of ten (10) hours a week other than class-room contact hours for self-directed studies. These hours can be used in forms of; completing assessments, studying learner’s manual as specified by trainer, studying online learning resources using online library (Gale - Cengage), completing case study given by trainer, studying for class test and to complete required research for class-room based discussions. These hours are designed to provide all learners with the opportunity to spend quality time developing their knowledge and skills to achieve satisfactory course progress.2.Receive your Learner Assessment Pack and discuss with your Assessor the expectations of this Assessment. You may also need to supply contact details of one or two work referees who can confirm your skills in the industry. Discuss with your Assessor if you intend to undertake the tasks based on your employing organisation or using the simulated business, Bounce Fitness.3.Your Learner Assessment Pack is where you will get the Task information. Complete the Tasks as instructed, using either the simulated business, Bounce Fitnessortheemploying organisation.4.After you complete your Assessment, gather and return your evidence documents, as detailed in the Task(s) in the timeframe agreed with your Assessor.5.All individual answer needs tobe answered with a minimum of 80 words (approx.). All Reports and/or project and/or any other form of assessment, must be written with a word count of XXXXXXXXXXwords (approx.) and/or as per trainer’s instructions. Presentations, to be completed using MS PowerPoint software with minimum of 10 slides and/or as per trainer’s instructions.6.Learner must complete this assessment in an electronic format and submit it in MS Word or PDF format and where required complete presentation in MS PowerPoint.7.Style Guide, Leaners should follow standards font size, style and font colour format to complete their assessment.•Standard Font Style –Calibri or Times New Roman•Standard Font Size – size 11 or size 12, except for heading where size should not exceed size 16/18.•Standards Font Colour – Black, except some circumstances where required blue or any decent colour are permitted.•For any variation and any question, discuss that with your trainer.

Further InstructionsforLearner’sAssessment

To be assessed for this competency, you must demonstrate your ability to:

✓Identify and define market research requirements in an organisation✓Develop a documented market research plan describing scope, objectives, time and budget for market research to be undertaken by an organisation.

The following Assessment Tasks must be completed by you to enable you to demonstrate these skills. These must be conducted:

Using the simulated business Bounce Fitness


In your own workplace if you are able to access all the documents and conduct all of the activities.

If you are using your own business, simply replace references to Bounce Fitness with the name of your organisation.

Ensure that you gain the approval of your choice with your Assessor before commencing.

The documents you will require if you are using the simulated business Bounce Fitness can be found on the Bounce Fitness website:

➢Infrastructure tab / Current Projects / Bounce Fitness Fitness in Maturity Advertising Brief➢Infrastructure tab / Current Projects / Bounce Fitness Corporate Marketing Plan

Please note: It is expected that you will conduct your own research to identify and brainstormskills like, but are not limited to;strategies, methods, best industry practices, etc. For that purposeyou may also need to conduct further research on the Bounce Fitness website and/ or conduct external research or research on your chosen organisation. This assessment requires you to demonstrate yourskills and knowledge required to plan market research by identifying market research needs, defining market research objectives, identifying data gathering approaches and developing a market research plan.

Task 1 – Report Writing and Case Study: Develop Market Research Plan

Include copies of any documents to which you refer on the Bounce website or create for this assessment and reference any external information for your Assessor.

If you selected your own company for the purpose of this assessment task, this must be approved by your assessor and an agreement must have been obtained prior to do this.

Report writingInstructions

➢In this task learner/candidate is required to write a report based on below points.➢Report needs to be written in 700 to 900 words.➢Your trainer/assessor will be discussing this report writing in class and expectation based on below points.➢You mustprovide details of the information that you will includeandgiveexamples throughout the report writing.➢This is an individual assessment task and answers provided must not be same to avoid plagiarism.

Assessment criteria

This Task requires you to produce a marketing research plan for theFitness in Maturity Advertising Briefreferred to in the Case Study document.

Using the format in your Learner Resource as the format guide, develop the MarketResearch Plan.

Ensure that you address each of the items following:

A.In your own words, define the research goals and objectives.B.Describe how this project should be scoped.C.Look at the Hierarchal Structure document in Bounce Fitness and discuss who should be involved in ensuring that the goals and objectives you selected are relevant and useful to Bounce Fitness. When your Assessor is assessing this point, they may require you to review and finalise your draft.D.What types of data will be required to meet the objectives?E.What combinations of types of data will best meet the objectives?F.What data gathering tools you will use and explain why you made that choice.G.Detail all of the places you will collect data from.H.How will the data you have collected be quantified?I.What data processing methods will you use? Discuss why you selected these methods and discarded others.J.Estimate thetimelinesin relation to completing this research. Include a copy of a Critical Path Analysis showing the timing of the different activities.K.Based onyour information, is this a feasible market research project? Discuss your reasoning.L.Prepare market research plan for approval.M.Obtain approval to implement plan from appropriate personnel as required

❖Include any documents you use from the Bounce Fitness website and reference any other information for your Assessor.❖If you are completing your Assessment on an activity in your own business, you must provide copies of all related documents and ensure that it is of sufficient scope or your Assessor to assess. Prior to do that, you must obtain your assessor approval.

InstructionsforTask 1– Report Writing Tips

Tip for report writing (recommended),

Writing a first draft

As with most other writing formats, reports should all have an introduction, a body and aconclusion.

However, many reports may have all or some of the following sections (but note that yourtrainermay want the report in a quite different structure – always check first):

Title page,which includes:

✓the title of the report (avoid long titles)✓student’s name and number✓lecturer’s name✓date of submission

Abstractor Summary:

✓is often written after the rest of the report is finished, but is usually read first✓gives us the bare facts of the report including the findings and the conclusions✓is typically very short

Table of contentsif your report is longer than a few pages. This:

✓lists the sections and sub-sections and page numbers✓provides a list of diagrams, tables and appendices (if used)

Here is an example of a Table of Contents for a report entitled How to Lobby:

❖Contents1.Introduction 12.The lobbying campaign 2a.Professional lobbyists 3b.Petitions 5c.Letters 7d.Demonstrations 93.Forming a lobby group 12a.Incorporated associations 14b.Co-operatives 15i.Objectives 16ii.Size 174.Using the media 18a.The media release 20b.Media conferences 225.Conclusion and Recommendations 25

•Introduction, which:✓gives the background✓explains the purpose, scope and methods used✓outlines the terms of reference

It should be a brief, accurate background for the body of the report

•The body, which covers the work done and what you found. It’s divided into topics which are arranged in a logical order with headings and sub-headings•Conclusioncovers the writer’s judgement based on information in the body of the report.•Recommendations:✓gives solutions to the problems✓suggests possible courses of action as a result of the conclusions, eg➢who should take action➢what should be done➢when and how it should be done

•Appendicescontain evidence which supports the report but is not essential because it’s either too long or too technical for the audience.•Bibliographyincludes all sources of information used in the report and often those used for background reading as well. (See Learning Links – Referencing for information about how to cite your sources, etc.)•Glossaryis an alphabetical list of special words, phrases and terms used in the report, accompanied by a short explanation of each. These are common in technical reports.

When you begin writing your report, you don't have to begin with the introduction and write untilyou reach the conclusion. In a report, it's often better to write parts of the body first, then theconclusions, and write the introduction last, when you're sure you know what you're introducing.

Don’t expect to produce a perfect report the first time you write. It’s usually an on-going process ofwriting and re-writing. Here are some helpful hints:

✓Use a computer – even if you’re slow, it saves time in the end.✓Write your first draft quickly to establish a ‘flow’.✓Don’t stop to fix errors – do your editing and proofreading later✓Use short, clear sentences – you can decide to join some of them in a later draft.✓Use bullet point form for important information to make it easy for the reader.

Task 2 – Theory: Short Answer Questions

Assessment Instructions

You must complete this assessment part in an electronic format and submit your work to the assigned assessor as perinstruction from trainer/assessor.Reasonable adjustment can be requested from you trainer/assessor.

This task covers the knowledge evidence requirements for this unit of competency.

This assessment taskrequires you to answer the following questions to demonstrate your knowledge of executing an advertising campaign. Complete the answers in the space provided and if you need more space, use your own paper putting your name at the top and the Task and Task letter beside each answer.

Each answer to be 150 words approximately

❖Include any documents you use from the Bounce Fitness website and reference any other information for your Assessor.❖If you are completing your Assessment on an activity in your own business, you must provide copies of all related documents and ensure that it is of sufficient scope or your Assessor to assess. Prior to do that, you must obtain your assessor approval.❖Each question to be answered in minimum of 80 words approx.

To enable you to do this, you must answer the following questions.


How does anti-discrimination legislation impact on market research?Give examples!


How do ethical principles apply to market research?Give examples!

Question C

How do the marketing codes of practice and conduct impact on market research?Explain and give examples!


How do privacy laws impact on market research?Explain and give example!

Question E

How does Australian Consumer Law (ACL) impact on the marketing mix?Explain and give example!

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Abhishek answered on Jun 11 2021
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This report will deal with the new market research plan on the behalf of the Bounce Fitness. Bounce Fitness is a company which deals with the different methods and equipment to provide the healthy lifestyle and fitness manures to the people. In order to attract the customers more the organisation is coming up with the different factors associated with the new range of services and products. These products can enable the customers to rely on the different factors related to the Bounce Fitness as well.
This report will give a
ief overview about the new product launch and the market scope associated with it. If the market scopes and opportunities are not identified with proper measures then it can create problems within the sphere of production of the company in the future as well. Along with the
ief marketing research plan a well driven recommendation for the betterment and possible conclusion has been also drawn. It has given a certain depth to the organisational procedures itself and it is for the betterment of the research project as well.
Table of Contents
Part 1    4
Introduction    4
Discussion    4
Conclusion    8
Recommendation    9
Part 2: Short Answer Questions    10
Answer to Question A    10
Answer to Question B    10
Answer to Question C    10
Answer to Question D    11
Answer to Question E    11
Bibliography    12
Part 1
    Bounce Fitness is a very good fitness providing company that helps in determining the different fitness steps addressed to the people of the country. Bounce fitness is coming up with a new regime that can help in gaining more fitness. They are coming up with mew supplements that can accelerate the fat burn procedure within the people and thus the different kinds of fatty nature of the people can be reduced. In order to launch this product within the country it is very important to create a proper marketing plan that can help the customers and many more people know about the new product launch.
Other than that it can also help in the different advertising and marketing strategies within the organisation and the country. In order to develop a proper marketing plan there is a need for the proper determination of the objectives and the other different factors associated with the market scopes and project purposes. All of these are identified properly within the research paper with the help of proper research tools and data determining sources. This has given a proper standard to the whole research and also added depth to the marketing plan associated with the Bounce Fitness.
A. Research Goals and Objectives
The Objectives associated with the new services associated with the Bounce Fitness new services and product launch are stated below.
· To identify the scopes to communicate with the consumers about the new product launch
· To analyse the set of advantages and disadvantages associated with the new product launch
· To examine the market scopes and opportunities to determine the market scopes related to the new product launch
· To suggest the different ways through which the sales of this product or services can be increased
The goals of the research is to focus and shed lights on the different market opportunities and scopes that can help the organisation to grow more within the market. These set of goals and objectives are very essential for achieving a proper platform in the context of acquiring a stability to launch the new product on the behalf of Bounce Fitness.
B. Project Scope
Project Purposes
    The purpose of the project is to shed lights on the different market opportunities associated with the Bounce Fitness new product launch
This project discusses the market research plan in the context of the Bounce Fitness and their new project launch
    The objectives is determine the market requirements and also to communicate with the customers about the new project launch
Key Stakeholders
    The key stakeholders are the investors, employees, buyers, suppliers and consumers.
Organisational Requirements
    The organisational requirement is to grab the attention of the customers and the buyers on the effectiveness of the new product
    The project will be ca
ied out by showcasing the different concepts and the variables of the new market research plan of Bounce Fitness
C. Involvement of people in Ensuring the Goals and Objectives
    The involvement of people who can ensure the different goals and objectives are surely the representatives of the Bounce Fitness. Other than that the one who is associated with the development of the marketing research plan on the behalf of the Bounce Fitness also can ensure the different types of effectiveness and certainty associated with the objectives and the goals. The personnel who can be consulted for the effectiveness of the objectives are the different types of the employees, sales staff, suppliers and customers who can understand the objectives and goals the best. Thus the ensuring process of the goals and objectives can be determined through the involvement of these people.
D. Requirements of Data to meet the Objectives
    There is a requirement of different data that can enable the objectives to be met within the whole development process of the marketing research plan on the behalf of Bounce Fitness. There are different kinds of data that can help the organisation make the market research plan to meet the objectives. The initial data should be the feedback and the comments from the clients and the customers that provides the perspective of them in acquiring these objectives. The statistics related with the government can also determine the different kinds of the needs for the financial resources to meet the objectives of the new product launch of Bounce Fitness. The Bounce Fitness is opting for establishing the new product or service launch in the new marketing place. For that there is a need for the different industry planning information to be provided thoroughly within the organisation to meet the goals.
E. Combination of Data Types Needed
    A combination of formal and informal comments along is the suitable combination for the different types of the data needed for meeting the objectives. Other than that there are the presence of different other combinations of data as well. The other combination of the data that is needed in this prospect is the mail surveys. Through this the different kinds of feedback and reviews can be gotten. Other than that, the interview process where one to one processes are...

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