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Octavia E. Butler - 'Speech Sound' Analysis 1) Watch the following videos on Bulter: In a Google Doc attached to...

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Octavia E. Butler - 'Speech Sound' Analysis
1) Watch the following videos on Bulter: In a Google Doc attached to this assignment, highlight the qualities that made Butler a unique voice in Speculative Science Fiction, according to the videos. 2) Read the following short story: In the same document as above answer the following questions in paragraph form. Your answers should be thoughtful, developed, and display a liberal use of analytic verbs: highlight, emphasize, suggest, imply, convey, reveal, symbolize, etc. You can develop your answers with the following structure: 1) Begin with a clear and nuanced claim. 2) Support your claim with evidence from the text. 3) Analyze the evidence and link back to the claim. Questions: 1 - What do 'illness' and 'imparment' mean in the context of the story? 2 - What was Rye’s job before the illness, and how does this contribute to the tension and character development in the story? 3 - What does the story suggest about the meaning and importance of communication and connection for a society?
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“The children of speech occur after a worldwide pandemic that left most of its survivors unable to speak, read or write. a lady named Rye is traveling by bus from Los Angeles since a fight between passengers. Rye watches the violence and tries to stay in his way, getting off the bus when the driving force hits the
ake to stop a fight. She waits on the sidewalk and plans to return on board as soon as the fight over, noting that public transport has become rare and unreliable. Moments later, a person a
ives in a car, which is unusual, as cars measure little, thanks to fuel shortages and capable mechanics. The person communicates with Rye through gestures, discussing the fight on the bus. She is shocked to see him wearing a police uniform, as governments and businesses have dissolved. The person throws a chemical weapon on the bus to disrupt the fight, forcing all passengers to get out onto the sidewalk. The driver and some passengers gesticulate angrily at the person, but he walks away and refuses to get involved - behavior that Rye observes is typical of those less plagued by indisposition. Through additional gestures, the person invites her to leave with him, and Rye considers her loneliness: she has lost her immediate family due to the indisposition, thus making her alone and unhappy to be close to suicide. She decides to leave with the person....

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