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Number of sources: Two scholarly secondary research sources, minimum (that’s in addition to your “primary” sources—the essays or stories about which you’re writing). Neither of these may be “free...

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Number of sources: Two scholarly secondary research sources, minimum (that’s in addition to your “primary” sources—the essays or stories about which you’re writing). Neither of these may be “free internet” sources, though you may use internet sources in addition to the two required for the assignment. “Scholarly" means that the work is addressed to scholars in the field—for example, a book published by a university or an article published by a college or university. You can access scholarly articles through the college’s library databases. In your library database search, check “scholarly articles only.” The textbook itself cannot count as one of your scholarly sources, and neither can any standard reference work (any sort of encyclopedia). You may not use Wikipedia, which does not meet standards of academic writing.
Number of pages: 4-5 word-processed, double-spaced, not including the works cited.
Format: Correct MLA format and documentation.

Compose an argumentative research paper. By “argumentative,” I mean that you will make one unified claim about an author’s work and back it up with your analysis of his or her work. This is not a report or summary. Your research sources should be used to support your idea; you are not simply telling your reader what other scholars have said.

The topic for the paper is to be of your own design. Choose an author and a work from the reading list for this class, and construct an interpretive reading of the text based on your own interests and concerns. All papers are evaluated for their critical thinking; their understanding of the historical, cultural, and textual material; the extent and effectiveness of their research; and their clear presentation of a well-supported, well-documented thesis.


Arthur Miller “Death of a Salesman”
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An Argumentized summary of “Death of a Salesman”
1. Introduction:
The article" Death of the Salesmen " written by the author Arthur Miller na
ates a story related to Willy Loman, a salesman who continuously compares the past actions with the present [1]. The Memories of the Willy Loman a tragic because he ignored his personal family life and ran behind the American dream with full of expectations in the society but ended up as dark clues of the present poor mental health of the Willy Loman. In this study, the author has used both the past experiences of Willy and explained the present situation [2]. 
Despite the hard work and vision of Willy he failed in guiding his son to move on a good path for a successful life but because of his beliefs and mis constructed ambition. Willy knows his ambition but he doesn't know a constructive way to achieve his success. Hence, he gave guidance to his sons based on his failures in the past and compared the situation to the present to achieve their goals [3].
The most common dream by the youngsters across the world is " The American dream". America is a land of opportunities where most of the people across the world will come and work to earn and lead a luxurious life [4]. But, it is very difficult to achieve the goal in order to achieve that a lot of sacrifices need to be made and hard work should be done to achieve a success of their dream life. Most people will not achieve their goals because of their poor economy and work to drive their family and other situations which make them unable to achieve their goals. Similarly to the other people about the American dream, for Willy Loman this dream of America became an obsession and became disillusionment. This na
ative play is all about the memories, experiences, arguments of the Willy Loman life who finally ended up in suicide and funeral as he didn't meet his goal and failed in educating his sons.
2. Family Relationships and Willy Loman Insisted behaviour of beliefs:
The author uses the Willy Loman family relationships to construct a past history to his present situation of mental disorder [5]. The author explained the wrong step (an affair) made by him...

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