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Mini case ,I need to do justification and summaryJustification in bullet pointsAnd referencesAround 2 pages everything

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Mini case ,
I need to do justification and summary
Justification in bullet points
And references
Around 2 pages everything
Answered Same Day Nov 02, 2022


Rochak answered on Nov 02 2022
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The proposal of the San Pico government is co
ect to set up a secondary market which will be used to trade the securities more frequently, than just two times a day.
The crowd-trading system has worked for over 100 years but with the complexities and the frequency of trading being increased, it should be ensured that the crowd-trading system will not be appropriate going forward. Also, the crowd trading system has worked well for many years in the region with the expansion of trading activities and with investors across the globe wanting to invest in the San Pico companies (Battalio, Ellul & Jennings 2007).
My advice will be to set up an electronic exchange as we have across the globe an electronic exchange will also give opportunities to foreign as well as domestic investors to trade without wo
ying about the time when the official announces the name of the stock (Truman 2000). This advice is justified...

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