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Media Analysis Short Paper Read the article “Science vs Medieval Thinking” on our Moodle site. (Please read all the links posted. You will see, interestingly, that the initial link I provided has...

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Media Analysis Short Paper

Read the article “Science vs Medieval Thinking” on our Moodle site. (Please read all the links posted. You will see, interestingly, that the initial link I provided has since become “unavailable,” and I had to then post a PDF.)

Write a well-structured and well-developed essay (which means it includes a thesis statement and clearly organized paragraphs) in which you critically analyze (not summarize) the article and determine whether or not it is credible, and why. (These words are in bold as your stance in answering this question should be your thesis statement.)

Performing critical analysis means you do not simply agree or disagree with the issue itself, but rather focus on the language the articles use to develop their arguments about the issues. You might consider word choice, tone, representation of data (or lack thereof), representation of expertise, use of images, use of the headline to invoke bias, etc. Use Kent Lewis’s chapters on “Questions,” “Argument,” and “Media” for these and other characteristics to consider in performing your analysis, and also consider the reasons for the edit and/or removal of the article from the Edmonton Journal’s website.

Remember to use APA general essay style format and citation/references format and to avoid the common writing errors outlined in World and World’s Appendix A&B.

Word Count: XXXXXXXXXXwords

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Azra S answered on May 09 2020
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Vaccines and GM foods- The need for proof
The article 'Science vs Medieval Thinking' discusses the rise in resistance amongst people against vaccinations and GM foods. While the article supports Science and calls what the resistors think as "Medieval Thinking", it does little justice to support its claim on supporting Science or understanding the reason people become resistant. So, even though the article addresses the issue successfully, it fails to analyze the reasons for the rise of this issue or credible ways of tackling it.
The article makes a catchy start by putting us right in the middle of a shocking and so
y event of a polio out
eak in Tajikistan. Then it
ings us to America which is seeing a resurgence in measles. He then compares the two pictures and likens those who don't take vaccines to medieval people who were superstitious and had baseless beliefs. While the analogy is fair, it does little service to the article itself. This kind of comparison is likely to put a person on the defensive. A reader would automatically resist what the author is trying to say since the language is accusative.
The article proceeds forward with a lot of sarcasm as it reminds people that they are being unscientific when it comes to their fear of vaccines and GM foods. At its root, sarcasm is a good way of presenting a point, but when trying to win over an audience it can become counter-effective. In this article, it is used in excess and the people of opposing views are likely to reject the authors view even before he has built up his argument.
The language and words used in the article are very strong and seem to stem from a deep-rooted belief in science and the authors own convictions. However, the author is unable to deliver the message he wishes to, just because his approach is very negative and...

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