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Mass IncarcerationCreate a detailed outline of your paper, which lays out a summary of the information you will present in your final paper. At the end of Unit 4 of your textbook there is a sample...

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Mass Incarceration

Create a detailed outline of your paper, which lays out a summary of the information you will present in your final paper. At the end of Unit 4 of your textbook there is a

sample outline


for you to generally follow, but I want you to build an outline that conforms with the headings of a policy report.

Below I have listed the headings that must be included in your policy report. Following each heading, I list the corresponding roman numerals from the sample outline that correspond to the sections of your research policy report.

    1. Title of the Policy Report

    2. Executive Summary

    3. Context and Importance of the Problem(I - III)

    4. Pre-Existing Policies, Policy Options, and Research(IV - IX)

    5. Conclusion(X)

    6. Policy Recommendations

    7. Reference List

For Writing Assignment 2, you should include all 7 headings in the document that you submit, but you only need to construct in outline form the sections:

    • Context and Importance of the Problem

    • Pre-Existing Policies, Policy Options, and Research

    • Conclusion

For each subsection head in your outline, write the last name(s) of the author(s) and year of publication of the article(s) that you are relying on to create those subsections.

Also, list alphabetically the sources that you use under theReference List heading (properly cited in APA Style). It's easier to keep track of them now instead of having to go back later.

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Deblina answered on Mar 17 2023
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Mass Incarceration in USA         2
Executive Summary
This report would effectively focus on the data and the country's desperate systems of confinement. This report also provides a detailed outlook on where and why people have been locked up in the United States and the associated aspects of mass incarceration. The bigger picture of the main context of mass incarceration has effectively provided insight into immigration detention civil commitment and youth confinement. The comprehensive aspects of mass incarceration in the United States have also provided the conventional attitude among prisoners. It has been documented that at least one in four people who are a
ested and transfe
ed to jail is likely to go to jail again after some time. The contextual problem lies with the aspect of mass incarceration that even after such facilities the crime rate has not gone down. This has also had a reversible impact on poverty, mental illness, and substance use disorders and these problems have been documented towards and with incarceration.
Table of Contents
Introduction    4
Scope of the Problem    4
Context & Importance of the Problem    4
I)    Reasons for the Mass Incarceration    5
II)    Push for Criminal Justice Reform    5
III)    Incidence of Unnecessary Incarceration    5
Pre-Existing Policies, Policy Options & Research    5
IV)    Mass Incarceration: Facts & Statistics    6
V)    Policies & Practices Leading to Mass Incarceration    7
VI)    Changes in Sentencing Laws    7
VII)    Principles of Justice    8
VIII)    Evidence & Policy    8
IX)    Racial Disparities    8
X)    Conclusion    8
Determining Sentencing Laws    8
Disparities in Sentencing & Case Processing    8
Present Dynamics of Mass Incarceration    8
Policy Recommendation    8
References    9
Mass Imprisonment in the United States is the primary form of punishment. Mass incarceration in the United States has been a significant problem in US society. The prison population has significantly increased by 500% in the past 40 years in the United States. The rate of crime however did not reduce to a particular level at the same time. This imbalance between the increase in the incarceration rate and the rate of crime directly focuses on the law and policy changes that are oversize with the role of the government and policies in America. It is contemplative to discuss the laws and policies that have contributed to prison overcrowding and led to a financial boon for the state they spite of the fact that the increased circulation does not effectively reduce the crime rates or increase public safety.
Scope of the Problem
The significant problem of mass incarceration that can be observed is the fact that it hasn't reduced the crime rate at all. The origins of the cu
ent leadership position have been the consequent aspect and the largest imprisonment in the world is complicated. This discussion focuses on the contextual problem of mass incarceration and the policy options that are responsible for such a situation in the United States of America (Wildeman, 2020). It will focus on the pre-existing policies and deliberately attempt to discuss the history and the evolution in terms of mass incarceration in the United States.
Context & Importance of the Problem
The problem of mass incarceration has been a significant point of discussion. There are complicating matters that have contractually influenced the criminal justice system in the United States that have thousands of federal, state, local, and tribal systems (Sawyer, 2020). The differences in the policies have contributed to the rising number of state prisons in the United States. It has been documented that there are more than two million people...

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