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Its just a activity to be done in a word file no need to do referencing for it

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Its just a activity to be done in a word file no need to do referencing for it
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Sundeep answered on May 01 2020
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30024 - 1st May - 1400.docx
Discussion Activity 1
· 1 - The main components of the information system are the hardware, the software, the telecommunication database, the data warehouses that are being used, the human resources in action and the procedures. Overall the combination of all the things match up to the well-functioning of the IS and hence only hardware and the software are inadequate to define an information system.
· 2 – A problem is a condition which is hindering progress. A business problem is a problem which hinders the progress of the organisation and inhibits the growth of profits. An information system is a collection of the organised data, system, information, storage and communication. It is used as a complex system which uses and analyses data that filter and process it to create value. An example of business problem would be firing of an employee as it creates a morale issue but using the information system to better understand the candidate and then moving him/her to a better position would solve the problem
· 3 – No and yes, the off the shelf software can be used as a strategic information system if the strategy that is to be defined has similar dynamics and the areas of application. If the organisation is a pizza making company, the strategy for procuring the raw materials and using the information system to take well informed decisions are a common thing, here off the shelf strategy information system can be used as it would cater to the same market, but if Microsoft has to create a new strategy for a new OS, the off the shelf information system wouldn’t be of much use.
· 4 – The strategic information system is created for an organisation for a specific set of needs and the market demand. The Strategic information system are developed in response to the specific business initiative. The SIS is meant to cater to a specific demand initiated by the organisation. SIS helps the organisation to categorize, store, process and transfer the knowledge and the information that they create and offe
· 5 - Adobe doesn’t charge from the customers but it charges from the companies who use Adobe’s software to run their specific set of software’s. Adobe’s business model considers the companies as their business and considers the customers as the way to reach to their business. Hence we as customers get most of the software’s free and some of them with a subscription fee. The main customers of Adobe are the businesses since they use the Adobe’s flash player and acrobat reader to run their documents and the software’s. This helps Adobe to gain the market share and be the leader in the domain without much competition
30024 - 2.docx
Discussion Activity 2
· 1 – Agile methodology is quick and adaptive, while the waterfall model has its disadvantages. The waterfall model has to create the software at the whole and then the changes can be suggested. In agile methodology, the development takes place part by part and then if required any changes are done in that step itself. Hence removing the extra change request costs and time. Agile methodology is quick and time saving along with lesser defects. Waterfall model is also known as the traditional model and the agile model is a model which is used as a rapid application development model. The good thing about waterfall model is that the developers agree to the development in the starting phase of the project development, the scope of the project is understood and the deliverables are measured. Except for the review and the approval, the interference of the customer...

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