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Reading work 1 page each question in bullet and subbullet points chapters attachedFile is to bigWill try to attached layter

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Reading work 1 page each question in bullet and subbullet points chapters attached
File is to big

Will try to attached layter
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Golla Satya answered on Apr 14 2023
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First name last name Reading 2
Chapter 14
Why do most organisations force their customers to experience a menu-based IVR system?
Menu-based IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems are commonly used by organizations to manage customer interactions over the phone. While these systems can be frustrating for customers, organizations use them for several reasons:
Organizations frequently utilize menu-based IVR (Intuitively Voice Reaction) frameworks to oversee client intuitive over the phone, in spite of their potential to baffle clients. There are a few reasons for this:
· Cost investment funds: By utilizing IVR frameworks, organizations can decrease the require for live specialists to handle schedule request or assignments, such as checking account equalizations or resetting passwords.
· This may result in critical fetched reserve funds, with a few well-designed IVR frameworks sparing organizations up to $1 million per year in call center costs.
· Efficient steering: IVR frameworks can utilize discourse acknowledgment or touch-tone inputs to coordinate callers to the fitting division or specialist, decreasing the time clients spend on hold or holding up for a reaction.
· This moves forward the by and large client experience.
· 24/7 accessibility: IVR frameworks give clients with get to to data or services outside of standard commerce hours.
· This may make strides client...

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