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3 questions 1 page each in bullet and subbullet points please do the good job

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3 questions 1 page each in bullet and subbullet points please do the good job
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Shubham answered on Apr 30 2023
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Chapter 17
Question 1
Starting with technology means that the organization can explore cutting-edge innovations and experiment with new ideas. It allows the company to think outside the box and this can lead to the creation of disruptive products. This can also be risky and expensive and there is no guarantee that implementation of this technology will be successful. Starting with a business problem includes ways followed by organization to focus on solving specific issue. It includes approach that is more grounded and it can be less risky. It is clear demand for the solution but this can also be limiting and it may not allow for as much creativity and innovation (Bergerson et al. 2020). Starting with technology and looking for a business application can be a best option for the organization as it provides with resources and capabilities for exploring new technologies that will ensure becoming leaders in the field of innovation. This approach allows the company for thinking outside the box. It includes experiment with cutting-edge innovations that have not been considered before. This can result in creation of new services and products and it has potential to revolutionize the market. This will help the organization in staying ahead of the competition by standing first in market with new and innovative products. It can also help in attracting top talent that are interested in working with emerging technologies.
Chapter 19
Question 1
DevOps involves integrating operations into the software development process that will help to ensure that the software is designed and developed along with operational considerations. It includes approach for improving the quality of the software and this will help in making it easier for...

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