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Table of Contents
1. Introduction: Challenges & Strategic Business Goals    3
Challenges    3
Strategic Business Goals    3
2. Organizational Training Needs and Analysis    5
3. Task Analysis    5
4. Individual Learning Needs Analysis    6
5. Learning Outcomes (LOs)    6
Reference List    7
1. Introduction: Challenges & Strategic Business Goals
    Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd. is a transportation company in that provides taxi services under the ownership of ComfortDelGro Corporation Ltd (ComfortDelgro, 2018). It has been one of the most prosperous business in the Singapore transportation market, where Comfort has a strong foothold, until recently. The idea of shared economy has affected this industry so much that they are unable to cope with the emerging trends of welcoming new entrants to the Singapore market, by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) that the home companies of private car hire or taxi services are getting overshadowed (Adrain, 2017). Hence, new strategic goals are needed for market sustenance.
    Given the cu
ent scenario in the Singapore market for the taxi services, it is visible that the private car hiring through street hails has become quite a diminishing sector. Most of the passengers are prefe
ing to opt for timesaving booking of rental cars that cannot be hired from the road on the run, but by booking one using a mobile application or refe
ed to as an app (Auyong, 2017). In fact, this has negatively impacted the local transportation market to such an extent that vehicles of renowned cab-booking
ands GrabCar and Uber are more in number than the second largest taxi service company of Singapore, TransCab (Auyong, 2016).
Strategic Business Goals
    Therefore, it is highly feasible that immediately some changes are inculcated to the ways the local taxi companies such as Comfort are working in the country, which can be possible through the attainment of the following SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-span) strategic goals:
· To opt for taxi booking through apps
    SMART Criteria
    This is a specific goal because cu
ently, all the online taxi rental services are taking bookings on the use of their company apps.
    The effectiveness of this goal can be measured by calculating the number of app users and bookings made.
    This could be achieved by employing a web developer for developing an app for Comfort.
    It is relevant to the cu
ent situation because customers have found it quite convenient to use rather than waiting on the streets for hiring a taxi.
    T-Time span
    It took take a time of about 6 months to be developed.
Table 1: Smart goal 1
(Source: Learner)
· To impose extra charges on the fare if the taxi has to wait, or drop at areas farther to the main destination point mentioned
    SMART Criteria
    This goal is a specific one because due to it addressing the unstable economic condition of the local taxi companies such as Comfort.
    The increasing revenues, if any, would give the measurement of the effectiveness of this goal.
    It could be achieved by imposing a terms and conditions tab per...

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