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Instructions Study the communication process illustrated in your text in chapter 1 (see Figure 1.1 below). Write a short scenario in which the communication process does not go well for the people...

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Study the communication process illustrated in your text in chapter 1 (see Figure 1.1 below). Write a short scenario in which the communication process does not go well for the people involved. If possible, use an exchange that actually happened.The miscommunication should not be caused by foreign language issues. Using the model as your guide, walk through the communication process to show where and why communication broke down. Explain who the people were, what medium was used, what messages wereencoded and decoded, what the barriers were, and what contexts existed . Explain how the communication process could be improved.

Classmates Law:

The hazardous dumping law would start as a state law to cease any business or institution from dumping hazardous or contaminated waste into an ecosystem 'at all'. Under this law no business or government operated projects would be allowed to dump any waste into ecosystems endless a manmade waste dump is made and maintained where no biome is disturbed. This law would've came into play when the state of Florida allowed an emergency phosphate mine with 480 million gallons of contaminated wastewater to drain into the Tampa Bay. The repercussions of these hazardous dumps are devastating to our ecosystem as it kills marine life and birds effecting local ecosystems for millions of square miles. A substantial example of this is the "Red Tide" bloom of early July 2021. The 'emergency' wastewater dump in Tampa Bay happened late March of 2021 and this isn't a coincidence that after this massive dump into Tampa Bay a red tide bloom occurred only a few months prior to all this phosphate contaminated waste water being dumped into the Tampa Bay. This is no small issue as 1,800 tons of dead sea life were collected by crews to help clean up the debris littered in local waterways. This turns tourism away, causes trouble breathing, and smells atrocious. As the Tampa Bay is founded by its tourism and waterways this takes a huge impact on our local economy as it cost more than $3 million to clean up let alone the impact on family's that rely on our waterways to make a living. This law would positively affect millions of people from situations like this and would also protect drinking water from lead, zinc, and heavy metals which contaminate it. These business provide millions of jobs although they hurt what humans need the most clean drinking water. Although this law helps the people and ecosystem big corporations see it only as hurting themselves. Proper disposal of hazardous waste is very expensive and time consuming for these big corporations and dumping the waste is very efficient for them. Although there are laws in place for these companies to dispose of their waste properly at disposal sites some companies manage to get around them still dumping in non waste management areas.

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Explanation of the Law
Big companies often sometimes forget to take care of the environment or the society in which they do business. They simply continue doing their operations without even understanding the harmful impacts to the society due to their operations. There are instances where it was observed businesses dumping their waste production from their manufacturing process into the environment where lot of hazardous implications took place. The law stated here prohibits businesses to dump hazardous waste or contaminated waste into an eco-system at all. As per the law the businesses cannot dump any waste unless a man-made waste dump is created and also it is to note that biome is not distu
ed. The biome represents the eco-system like the animals, birds, living beings, nature, air, water, etc. Due to hazardous activities like waste dumping the biome is distu
ed. This law came up after the incident of “Tampa Bay” of Florida in 2021 where the entire water became phosphate contaminated due to a phosphate mine dumping 480 gallons of contaminated waste water into the...

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