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Title: Essay
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Answer to Question 1
“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her, it is her privilege”
    The quote is associated with the beauty of nature. The poet is a well-known lover of nature-related and makes strong connections between humankind and nature. The quote is an illustration of the larger theme of the poem, which na
ates the beauty of nature and the significance of it as the storehouse of joy and pleasure. Nature is explained as an overflowing fountain of divine beauty (Roope, Laurence SJ, et al.). Nature is examined as foreign, as a guide and nurse to the man. The poet personifies nature as the lap where all kinds of the ruined body or
oken mind can find happiness. The poet explains that if we love nature gives it back then the system is full of beauties and blessings. A nature lover can find human beings on every object of nature.
Part 2
    The quote is a reflection of the whole theme of the relation between nature and humankind that the poet explained in the poem. The quote signifies the relation of human being and nature. The poet portrays nature as a romantic, caring figure for the human race. The quote is just the reflex of the main concept and has strong relation is setting up the theme of the whole poem.
Part 3
    The theme explains the needs of enjoying the natural beauties and taking a dip into the beautiful offerings of nature. Unfortunately, the modern human race is no longer interesting and has no time to water in gearing bird sing, feel nature etc. The modern man is too much engrossed in the development of society, science and has no time to enjoy the offerings of nature. Man is destroying nature and all the blessings and gifts given to the race. Thus the poet wants to instill the value and the thought in the mind of the readers that nature is much more significant and can be of value if given the...

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