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In recent years, commentators have pointed towards several populist backlashes against international organizations, such as theBrexit. One of the most salient criticisms raised against international...

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In recent years, commentators have pointed towards several populist backlashes against international organizations, such as theBrexit. One of the most salient criticisms raised against international organizations is that they create a "democratic deficit." Contrary to such clames, in “Democracy-Enhancing MultilateralismPreview the document,” Keohane, Macedo, and Moravcsik (KMM 2009) argue that international institutions can actually enhance, rather than interfere with, “constitutional democracy.” In a response article titled “Multilateralism and Democracy: A Dissent Regarding Keohane, Macedo, and MoravcsikPreview the document,” Gartzke and Naoi (GN 2011) claim that KMM discount the detrimental effects of international institutions on democracy, to which KMMfurther respondedPreview the document(2011).

Read the article and the responses, and answer the following questions:

  • What is a “democratic deficit,” what is “constitutional democracy,” and what are the main points of the debate between KMM and GN?
  • Which argument sounds more convincing to you, in terms of theoretical coherence and empirical evidence?
  • Refer to at least two international organizations, and explain how they undermine or enhance democracy in ways relevant to the claims made by KMM and/or GN.

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Rupsha answered on Jul 09 2021
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Democracy is a bounded system, which is controlled by government that is elected by the people of a country. As it is, the governmental organizations are supposed to be the democratic organizations and they have their own responsibilities to protect and abide by the democratic rules. When the democratic organizations somehow are incompetent to perform the morality, principles, incantations of democracy, this state is termed as democratic deficit. There can be many obvious and opaque reasons that lead an organization to disintegrate democratic rules. Democratic deficit is a terminology accomplished by the people who expostulate that the decisions and the decision-making methods of governmental institutions are causing people suffer from a deficiency of democracy and these steps are totally inaccessible to the citizens due to the perplexities.
    There are three types of democracy. Those are consensus democracy, constitutional democracy, and deliberate democracy. When we talk about constitutional democracy the first thing we have to remember is that the democracy is for, by and about people, they are the main origin of democracy. In constitutional democracy, the authorization is confined by legal sakes, for which the rights of an individual are always respected. This form of democracy is implemented in United States, Japan, Germany and many other countries. Rather we can say constitutional democracy is a process where every citizen has their own rights to Interfere or impale any decision of the country directly or indirectly with the use of a legitimate election process.
    There is some dissimilarity between the concepts of democratic deficit between KMM and GN. In the year of 2009, in the experimental book “democracy enhancing multilateralism “, they presented some assertions about the democracy deficit. In the journal, forsaken by Robert O. Keohane, Stephen Macedo and Andrew Moravcsik, simultaneously known as KMM expressed their vision on democratic deficit. They said the multilateral institutions could be an option...

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