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Lab 1. PHP and form data Lab overview . In this lab, you will create an HTML form that takes a user id and password from the user, passes those values via the HTTP POST operation to the web server,...

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Lab 1.   PHP and form data

Lab overview.  In this lab, you will create an HTML form that takes a user id and password from the user, passes those values via the HTTP POST operation to the web server, and then uses a PHP script to display those values, (see screen images below)


Lab 2  PHP and session objects 

Lab Overview.  In this lab, you are going to modify your code from lab 1 to store the username and password in a session object.  When the user clicks on the submit button, your program should go to a Session Page to retrieve the information from the session object and display the username and password, as well as the session id value (hint: to display the session id, use the PHP function session_id()


Lab 3   PHP and Software Testing

Lab Overview.  In this lab, you are going to write a program that sums a range of integers, between a low value and a high value (e.g. if you input the low value 5 and the high value 10, the program would add up the numbers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ,10 to give a total of 45.  You are also to prepare a software test value showing the expected values and the actual values for the three tests below

Test 1: Attempt to sum the values between 3 and 11 (should produce 63)

Test 2: Attempt to sum the values etween 6 and 4 (should generate an error message, as the second number is smaller than the first number)

Test 3.  Attempt to sum the values between ‘a’ and ‘c’ (should generate an error message, as the values input are non-numeric


Task 1.  Write a PHP program that takes a low value and a high value, and sums the integers as described.  Make sure your program as the required validation to reject any invalid input from the user as described above.  Your program should look like the following 

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ICANWK503A – Install and Maintain Valid Authentication Processes
RTO No: 20829
CRICOS Provider No: 02044E
ABN: 41 085 128 525
    Assessment Workbook
    Unit Details
    ICTWEB502 – Create Dynamic Web Pages
    Assessment Requirements
    This unit requires each student to undergo adequate practice and preparation prior to undertaking the assessments in a classroom/simulated environment or an actual job workplace (formative).
Students are required to complete ALL assessment tasks listed below in order to be deemed “Satisfactory” in this unit of competency.
    Assessment Methods
(Three Assessments for this unit)
    1. Practical Observation
    Assessment type:
Laboratory Exercises
        2. Written Test
    Assessment type:
Multiple choice/short answe
        3. Project / Report
    Assessment type:
Short answe
Written Report
    Document Version 1.1. Issued July 2017
    Unit Summary
    The unit objectives, prerequisites, corequisites and other pertinent information about this unit is described at https:
General Instructions for Students
· You should download the softcopy of this document and use it as a template for your own assignment submission.
· You will be directed to save screen prints and/or write down answers to questions when you complete this workbook. You need to include those screen prints/answers inline (i.e. at the co
ect place in the document) so your assignment can be assessed. If there are sample screen prints included in the document, you need to delete those and include your own screen prints. Do not submit your assignment without all the required screen prints/documents, as you will be marked NYC and need to resubmit the assignment
· To complete the practical tasks, you will need to consult the Learner Resources and/or Lab Guide. These are available in Moodle
· Keep your softcopy of your assessment/workbook (in case you need to resubmit it)
· Answer all parts of the assessment
· Type all your answers (do not handwrite)
· Do not cheat. Anyone caught cheating will automatically be marked Not Yet Satisfactory for this unit. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.
In order to achieve competency, all assessment tasks MUST be completed to a satisfactory level
All references made to workplace and or employer, are directly related to the trainers and facilities at VIT.
Laboratory Exercises
This information is to be handed to each student to outline the assessment requirements
This assessment is to be undertaken in an actual job workplace or a classroom/simulated environment. Read the scenario below and then work through the lab exercises. At different points in the lab you will need to write down answers to questions,...

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