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Assignment1Due Date Sunday10/29/22Using WorkBench (you will be awarded no credit if you do not use WorkBench),to create an ERD Diagram for the tables below.Note: There are changes from the previous...

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Due Date Sunday10/29/22
Using WorkBench (you will be awarded no credit if you do not use WorkBench),to create an ERD Diagram for the tables below.
Note: There are changes from the previous version.
The tables must be in 3rd normal form.
Table name : faculty
facultyID: 2 chars
ssn : 9 chars
firstName : 25 chars
mi : 1 char
lastName: 25 chars
phone : 10 chars
email : 50 chars
office : 15 chars
startTime : date
rank : 20 chars
salary : double
deptId : 4 chars
Table name: department
DeptId: 4 chars
Dept Name: 15 chars
Dept Descrip: 30 chars
Dept Location: 20 chars
Table name: classes
ClassID: 4 chars
DeptID: 4 chars
FacultyID: 4 chars
Class Name: 15 chars
Class Descrip: 30 chars
Link the three tables together.
What to turn in:
Screen shots of the ERD Diagram showing all details of the tables and their relationships with each other in one Word or PDF document.


Due Date 10/29/22
This assignment includes several parts, for full credit make sure to complete all parts.
1. View the video previously provided on reverse and forward engineering using WorkBench.
A. Forward engineer your database from the previous assignment. In the options available, select to delete all information before creation. Take a screen shot which shows the file contents within WorkBench.
B.Save the file created, compress it, and submit it, along with the screen shot, to this drop box by the due date.
2. Save a copy of the file from #1 with a different name, but still with the sql file ending. Make the following changes to the code in the file.
A. Change the code to create all items (database and table) with your lastname and the previous name (such as smithclasses, smithdepartment, smithinstructor).
B. Change the code to create all column names with the tables to include CIST in the name (such as CISTName, CISTClassID).
C. Reverse engineer the file (running it inside of WorkBench) to create the new database, tables, and column names.
D. Take a screen shot of the result shown after the program has completed. Take a screen shot of the new ERD diagram created by Workbench showing the relationship of the new tables and columns.
E. Compress the file created, and the required screen shots, and submit by the due date.
3. Create a PHP program to display the new database, it's new tables, and new fields. Take screen shots of the results of the code executing.
A. Compress the PHP code and submit it, with the screen shots by the due date.

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