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Your goal is to develop an "Adopt a Pet" registration system.The database name is your first initial and last name.The system will include:1. Input form for customer to enter their information (name,...

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Your goal is to develop an "Adopt a Pet" registration system.
The database name is your first initial and last name.
The system will include:
1. Input form for customer to enter their information (name, address, city, state, zip, e-mail, phone, customerid, CustomeridNumber, PetID).
The customerid is the form of id shown to the adoption agency (dirver's license, government id, student id). The CustomerIDNumber is the number on the identification presented. The PedID is the ID number of the pet being adopted.
This information is stored in a Customer table.
2. Pet Information: PetID, PetType, PetDescription, PetWeight, PetPicture.
All information is entered into the Pet Table via a Pet Information form, only to be used by the employees. PetPicture is a URL location of the pet image. PetType is: Dog, Cat, Turtle, Bunny. Pet Description can include the breed and color.
The two tables will be linked via the PetId, The Customer Table WILL NOT use CustomerIDNumber as the primary key. A different primary key should be declared. PetID is the primary key for the Pet Information Table.
3. The complete system should allow the employee's to insert, Update, and Delete data into the Pet Info Table via the Pet Information Form, using PHP.
4. The complete system will allow the customer to enter all information into the customer table via the Customer Information Form. The initial input will not require that the PetId be entered. However, an update form will be provided to allow the user to select the CustomerID and the to update the PetID.
5. You MUST use the directions shown under the Final Project folder to backup your database. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR Database NAME IS UNIQUE. Use your first inital and last name.

To backup your database files:
1) Go to the command prompt (in Windows enter 'cmd' in the search box).
2) In Windows, using the cd command move back to the main C drive by using 'cd ..' multiple times. Once your prompt indicates "C:" without any folder names, go to step three.
3) Use CD to move to the correct folder. The folder is under ..Program Files...EasyPHP-5.?.?.? ... mysql ... bin (if you used EasyPHP to create your PHP/Apache/MySQL environment). If you used another product, search for the bin folder under that product.
for example:
cd program files/EasyPHP XXXXXXXXXX/mysql/bin
4) Once you are under the correct bin location execute the command
mysqldump -u root -p mydatabase > mydatabase.sql
(replace 'mydatabase' in both locations with the name of the database you are backing up.)
The system will ask for a password, just hit enter. You will not see response.
5) The file "mydatabase.sql" will now exist under the bin folder. You can use this file to load the database, tables,fields, and records using the method shown under "Restoring database files".
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