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Mid-term Project - Due 10/16/22Mid-term Project. You may work by yourself or with one other person from the class for this project.There is a lot to this task. Make sure you allow enough time to...

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Mid-term Project - Due 10/16/22

Mid-term Project. You may work by yourself or with one other person from the class for this project.
There is a lot to this task. Make sure you allow enough time to complete it properly. It is worth a lot of points.
You can use the question and answer discussion board to ask any questions, or e-mail me.
This project saves and retrieves all information from a text file (JSON). When information is saved or uploaded in the program, it is stored in an array (it can be a numeric array or an associative array). The examples covered in the textbook show methods to accomplish this task.
NOTE: You will recieve no credit if this project is completed using a database.
The user must be able to: add new information, change existing information, and delete information.
Remember, this assignment is worth more than a normal assignment. Thus, you are expected to take the time to make sure it is professional looking and works without any errors or problems.
You have two weeks to complete this project. Thus, you have plenty of time to plan out how you are going to complete it.
It is expected that you use the Internet to research any areas in which you need additional knowledge to complete the assignment. However, do not copy code from the Internet. That is a violation of copyright laws and the cheating policy at CTC.
The Project:
You are to create a conference registration system.
The following information must initially be gathered from the user:
Conference ID, Name, address, city, state, zip, phone number, company.
The Conference ID is randomly generated by the program and placed into the array (and file).
After that information has been gathered, the user also will be presented with a choice of break out sessions to attend at the conference. These include:
1. The future of IT
2. Internet of Things (IOT)
3. Cloud Computing
4. Big Data
5. Full Stack Programming
6. Securing your Business
The user should be able to select (via a drop-down box, or check boxes) up to three break-out sessions to attend.
Once the user has entered the information, they will be asked to verify it, and are allowed to make changes if needed.
Hint: You need to save the selections in the array and text file.
If everything is OK, the system will display a message "Thank you for joining the conference. You conference fee is: xxx. Please pay the cashier."
The conference fee is based on the following: Initial cost ($50), and cost per break-out session ($10). Thus, someone who attends three sessions will pay $80.
If the attendee already signed up for the conference, but wants to make changes, a dropdown list should appear, which lists the current Conference ID numbers of those who are registered. The user selects their Conference ID, and all information is displayed to allow the user to make changes. After changes are made, display a new message indicating the current charges to attend the conference.
Changes could include just not attending, which will require a delete button to just remove the record. If the user chooses to not attended, display a message "Sorry you are not joining us. We will credit your account or send you a check for your conference fee within one week".
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