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I-Per Rummler and Brache, managers at various stages incorporate up to nine variables as improvement levelsto enhance performance. Please list the nine variables and expound upon your understandings...

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I-Per Rummler and Brache, managers at various stages incorporate up to nine variables as

improvement levels

to enhance performance. Please list the nine variables and expound upon your understandings of each variable. There is a four page

length requirement for this quiz.

Single Spaced

Arial font

1 inch margins

*no cover page

References should appear on an additional page. 4 PAGES

II-Elaborate in four paragraphs a minimum of 5 strategies your industry deployed to overcome the odds you illustrated in last weeks PPT. Particularly, speak to Key Performance Indicator established or necessary to accomplish respective strategies.

In this tread - articulate the actual design of your organization and envisioned redesign necessary to advance operations. Please complete this assignment as an organizational leader. 2-3 PAGES, please check for grammatical error, clarity and fonts

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Shubham answered on Sep 14 2023
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A. Selected Article
The article provides a systematic review of the literature on the design of business models in the context of circular economy (Centobelli et al. 2020). The authors identify three key dimensions of circular business models that are value creation, value transfer and value capture. The article discusses the challenges and opportunities associated with designing circular business models. It includes outlining a research agenda for future research in the area.
B. Building Organizational and Employee Capacity
Employee Training and Development:
Albino Financial Group recognized early for design thinking to flourish in the organization. It includes identifying employees needs of right skills and mindset. It initiates comprehensive training and development programs tailored for specific needs. The key component of training was equipping employees with a deep understanding of design thinking principles. This involved workshops, seminars and online courses for employees that learns about empathy-driven problem-solving, rapid prototyping and iterative testing. The company
ought in external experts in design thinking to facilitate sessions for ensuring employees received top-notch training. The training programs not only educated employees about design thinking but also encouraged to think creatively, challenge assumptions and view problems from multiple perspectives (Elsbach and Ileana Stigliani, 2018). Employees encourages to step out of the comfort zones and em
ace more experimental approach to problem-solving. The result of initiatives is that employees began to exhibit more open and innovative mindset. Employees were longer afraid to propose unconventional solutions and were more receptive to feedback and collaboration.
Cultural Shift:
The change in culture of organization is often one of the most challenging aspects of transformation. Albino Financial Group recognized that culture of innovation and collaboration was essential for the successful implementation of design thinking. This requires focusing on cultural shift and the company should initiate several measures like leadership example. Top-level executives and managers led by example. This includes actively participated in design thinking projects and demonstration to commitment to the new culture. This helps in inspiring employees and made it clear that innovation was a priority for the entire organization. Albino Financial Group introduces a recognition and rewards system that acknowledged and cele
ated innovative ideas and successful design thinking projects. This incentivized employees to contribute the creative solutions to business challenges. The company encouraged open communication and transparency. It actively sought feedback from employees and acted on the suggestions that are required to be made possible. This creates a sense of ownership and involvement among the workforce. Cross-functional teams were established to encourage collaboration among employees from different departments. This
oke down silos and promoted the sharing of diverse perspectives and expertise. The selected efforts led to a cultural shift in Albino Financial Group. Employees began to see themselves as problem solvers and innovators and collaboration became second nature. The organization had successfully created an environment where design thinking could thrive.
Cross-Functional Teams:
The fundamental principles of design thinking are the collaboration of multidisciplinary teams. Albino Financial Group recognized the importance of all the aspect and actively organized cross-functional teams to tackle complex business problems. These teams comprised members from various departments and this includes
inging unique skills and perspectives to the table. The team might include financial analysts, marketing specialists, IT experts and customer service representatives. The formation of teams facilitated a holistic approach to problem-solving. Employees with diverse backgrounds and expertise collaborated to generate innovative solutions. It includes
ainstormed ideas, created prototypes and tested solutions in real-world scenarios. The cross-functional teams enhanced communication and understanding between departments that had previously operated in isolation. It helps in providing improved problem-solving along with boosted employee morale as it ensures contributions that are valued across the organization.
Leadership Support:
Leadership plays an important role in driving any transformation effort. Albino Financial Group's leadership understood that it is needed to actively champion design thinking for em
acing throughout the organization. The commitment to resources helps the company to allocated resources both financial and human for supporting...

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