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i need u to wright for the first assignment ( Literature, Research Questions & Methods) Requirement – Content Choose a human resource phenomenon/ problem from the business context that is worth...

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i need u to wright for the first assignment ( Literature, Research Questions & Methods)

Requirement – Content

Choose a human resource phenomenon/ problem from the business context that is worth investigating academically. Then, write a short research proposal comprising a title for your research, research questions, the objective of your research, and the research methodology (qualitative or quantitative) and the relevant methods adopted for your research topic. Your proposal should be based on what is said in previous academic works, therefore you need to provide a synopsis of the relevant literature review in the area of your chosen research topic.

Requirement – Format

Your assignment should be submitted in essay format following the guideline set out in the Assignment Guidelines (see below…). The work must be word-processed and must not exceed 1000 words: only 10% below or above is permitted.

Your work should include the cover sheet for this assignment (it is provided below). The font type used for this essay must be ‘Times New Roman’ with a font size of 12. Line spacing of paragraphs should be 1.5.

•Research questions help to focus your literature searches, data collection, analysis and writing••Research questions must be:

– clearly defined and researchable

– theoretically grounded

– linked together

– neither too large nor too small

•Read about the topic. •Identify the main issues, concepts and contexts related to your topic.•Formulate a research aim, principal research question or hypothesis linked to existing HR literature.•Formulate research questions or objectives•A research question should end with a question mark. •Research questions choosen should be related to one another.

•Define an investigation i.e. to discover, explore, explain or compare, and the kinds of relationship foreseen between concepts.
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Research Aim    3
Research Objectives    3
Research Questions    3
Literature Review    3
Leadership    3
Leadership Styles    4
Employee Motivation    4
Impacts of Effective Leadership on Employee Motivation    4
Research Methodology    5
Conclusion    6
References    7
The prosperity, growth of an organization depend on the leadership qualities of the authoritative individuals, likewise, the downfall of an organization equally hinges on the lack of controlling power and guidance. It is a known market scenario in every part of the world and Saudi Arabia is no exception. The employees make the organization in a definite manner; however, direction towards attaining the aspiration of the companies is advocated by the leaders of the organization. The employees come from diversifying backgrounds, thus, channelizing the different opinions and energy in one particular pathway requires dexterity. The motivation of the employees completely depends upon the interpersonal relationship between the two parties.
Research Aim
The aim of this proposed research is analyzing impacts of effective leadership on employee motivation of Saudi Arabian companies.
Research Objectives
· To understand the significance of leadership and employee motivation in Saudi Arabian companies
· To analyze the impact of effective leadership on employee motivation
· To identify the leadership issues and suggest recommendation for improving employee motivation
Research Questions
· What is the significance of leadership and employee motivation in Saudi companies?
· What is the impact of effective leadership on employee motivation?
· What are the issues in employee motivation in Saudi Arabian companies?
Literature Review
The leaders of the Saudi business organizations are fundamentally vested with the responsibility enhance the skill and knowledge of the employees. As supported by Fairhurst and Connaughton (2014), the leaders have to be proficient enough to govern the employees with stringent measures such that the productivity of the Saudi Arabian companies meets up to the level of the expectation and standard maintained in the market scenario.
Leadership Styles
    Leadership styles could be autocratic, wherein the leaders make all the decision with no involvement from the employees, or democratic, wherein all the employees are empowered to participate in the organizational decision-making (Vann, Coleman & Simpson, 2014). A more effective style of leadership is when the leader is able to modify themselves, according to the organizational situation, such as that in situational leadership, or make decisions in such a way that a positive change is driven into the organization, such as that in transformational leadership. Nevertheless, as argued by...

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