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Description of TaskAim:To showcase your ability to recognise the way in which early childhood teachers inform and justify teaching practice.Teaching philosophy:For this task you will explain your...

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Description of Task

Aim:To showcase your ability to recognise the way in which early childhood teachers inform and justify teaching practice.

Teaching philosophy:

For this task you will explain your teaching philosophy. You will consider how you have changed and evolved as a teacher whilst studyingfor this degree.

In 400 words you cannot cover everything, instead, you will draw on two or three key points that are integral to your practice. For example, youmightinclude:

  • Your thoughts regarding child development

  • Your thoughts regarding different teaching approaches (for example, play-based learning or intentional teaching)

  • Your thoughts regarding the role of the teacher

  • Theories or literature that have resonated with you and consequently informed your practice
    Note: this list is a guide only; you can include other relevant ideas or choose to focus on fewer ideas.

Include references to theoretical perspectives, research, learning frameworks, and/or educational policy to further support your discussion.

All in-text citations need to be reflective of APA7 and included in your final reference list.

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Assessment Task 1: Part B
Literacy Development
Submission Template
Tutorial group:
Wordcount: (not including bold template text, reference list or text written in italics).
Please complete each section of the template and delete the text written in italics.
Topic 1: Child Development
1. Explain how this topic relates to the Early Years Learning Framework V2.0 or the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. Include one example (from either framework) of how this area may be observed in children and one example of how this area be promoted by educators.
Understanding youngster advancement is principal to both the Early Years Learning System V2.0 (EYLF) and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Improvement Structure (VEYLDF), lays the foundation for both teaching as well as learning skills. As indicated by the EYLF (Branch of Schooling, Abilities and Business, 2020) and VEYLDF (Division of Instruction and Preparing, 2016), Educators are urged to perceive and answer the different formative necessities and capacities of children, encouraging their comprehensive improvement across various domains.
Examples of observation:
Children physical development can be seen through their gross and fine coordinated movements. For example, instructors might notice youngsters climbing on playground equipment, scissors to cut paper or balancing foots.
Educators promote the children development by engaging them in various conservations, reading books, storytelling etc. These both examples will help to understand the importance of both educators and children’s growth.
Department of Education, Skills and Employment. (2020). *Early Years Learning Framework V2.0*. Australian Government....

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